If import duties on cars fell 12.5 percent, the mainstream buy imported cars can save much money?

reduce import duties mainstream buy imported Cars Will be able to save money, you can save much by the customs value decIsions.

here that import duties means customs duties, but a Car to be able to smooth customs clearance not only need to pay customs duties on it, including customs duties, excIse taxes and VAT.

The current tariff rate Is 25%, the consumption tax rate between 1% to 40%, in accordance with standard dIsplacement divided VAT rate Is 17%, accounting for taxes from See In fact, the tariff Is only part of it, mainly because the bulk of the consumption tax, and consumption tax accounted for the bulk if they are closely related and dIsplacement.

According to the current view Is divided dIsplacement, 2.0L and the consumption tax Is not high as 5%, but 3.0L and above, the rate of consumption increased to 25%, more than 4.0L reached 40%, while the current mainstream of imported Cars in the 3.0L dIsplacement basically over, such as the Toyota land Tour 4.0L, the NIssan patrol 5.6L and 4.0L and 3.0L Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X5, ultra-running dIsplacement to mention.

So for mainstream imported Cars, the import duty fell to 12.5% ​​can reduce the number depends on the price of the original price, if it Is hundreds of millions of ultra-running, then Is save a small fortune in expenses. Suppose a declaration 4.0L Car price Is 300,000, then the tax rate Is calculated according to the original price of 585 000, if the tariff to 12.5%, the tax price of 526,500 yuan, the price dropped 58,500 yuan, the province a Fit out.

ThIs should be based on the name of the United States in the name of energy conservation and emIssion consumption tax set up!

Of course, thIs dIsplacement in the name of the consumption tax, rooted in unfair competition and help Volkswagen drawn up – and the public in the United States pushing the supercharged engine synchronous “coincidence” – the name of saving energy and reducing the introduction of in the name row, regardless of the level of fuel consumption, not actual assessment of Carbon emIssions – are not seen mass fraud penalty in global emIssions?

Here, if the dIsplacement meter by 3.0:

If you say that a Car must have landed 30 million to luxury Cars, do not believe Tesla’s formula – with a steal for the US retail price of US CIF. For example, although the low US tariffs, but there Is 5%, as well as dIstributors operating costs (marketing, transportation, storage, etc.) as well as profits and consumption tax. So, CIF contrast the US retail price should have at least 15% of the difference. In other words, the US retail around $ 70,000 Car, you may CIF RMB 300,000.

If the rate of 15% and 25% of the original, the relationship Is as follows:

30 × 1.15 × 1.17 × 1.12 = 45.2088

30 × 1.25 × 1.17 × 1.12 = 49.14

integrated costs paid, 8 percent.

Of course, there’s the dealer’s cost of funds decline, among other factors and so on.