Ideal car Is not “ideal”

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ideal Car Is not “ideal”

Newspaper Reporter / Chen Yannan / Tong Haihua / New York reported

ideal Is full, the reality Is very skinny. October 15, the ideal Car officially announced it would delay the first production model of the ideal ONE delivered on time, from November to December thIs year to adjust, and deliver ideal ONE 2020 models directly to the first user. ONE 2020 Is ideal for the production of Car models, all to digest through internal use.

It Is understood that, compared to 2020 models, 2020 models Will cancel the dual armrests configuration, thIs ideal Motors CEO Lee would like microblogging responded that six second-row version before double armrest individual seats Is one of the selling points, we canceled the 2020 models outside of the second row armrest, which Is our original product definition mIstakes, hit the face of thIs responsibility it Is my responsibility.

“American Business” Reporter noted that thIs heavy News directly on the web “fried” bloom, once boarded hot search, and even has a lock single owner, told Reporters bluntly cancel dual armrests unacceptable.

However, there are internal staff told Reporters ideal Car found problems in a large number of double armrest test drive test ride, but enterprIses Will not be allowed to have any safety problems.

to cancel double armrest configured to dIspute

for late delivery, the ideal Car, said 2020 models from the beginning of the year He began planning the rhythm, and suppliers to conduct research and development, test and production preparation, the original plan in 2020 New York Auto show in April, and free hardware upgrade for the old users. 2020 models deliver the ideal ONE directly to the first user, it Is to allow users to get more satIsfactory products and save the trouble of late aftermarket upgrades. Also it increased the second row of double glazed glass privacy, quiet Michelin tires, variable intake grille, tailgate induction, power interface, and made for an optimized suspension, brakes, lights and other hardware.

but it seems some have hedging owners do not buy it, the owners have respect, “would prefer not to other configurations want to double handrail.” There are also the owners suggested, “to give users some of our hedging plus armrests do? I am Willing to sign a liability agreement, and also Willing to give up the quality and handrails. handrails or suggest purchasing channels, we own good post-installation. “

As for the reasons for the cancellation of double armrest, Lee think also gives specific explanation, he said: “double handrail Is designed to give SUV owners want to experience a large MPV, the original intention Is good, but also get a static experience when users are recognized to face reality. such a product definition Is still on her face, and there are security rIsks. “

Reporter observed, there are users that support an ideal Car thIs decIsion, there are friends, said:.” door-side armrest Is my before a worry point, the beginning of time, I Will be against the armrest of the door side, the main reason Is because the second-row seat belts handrails can become difficult to operate, especially children and senior citizens sit In the second row of the time. “

But since the MPV and SUV’s structure are quite different, so obvious Why no double armrest security rIsks dIscovered during early development? Moreover, the show Car and the production version Is also quite different to the single lock owners had a huge psychological gap, the first production Car on whether delayed deliveries Will also have some impact on the brand?

to delay delivery of new enterprIses repairer normal

It Is noteworthy that, starting from September 4, ideal in 13 cities across the country held a number of users test drive until the end of October 15. In the end users test drive on the day of the delivery month announced the extension, can not help but doubt, the ideal Car a large collection of user feedback in the test drive, I want one-month extension of time to complete lack of product? Ideal for Automotive internal staff also told Reporters that, we found a lot of problems during the test drive. For security reasons we made the above decIsion.

Some media said that thIs question Is not groundless, thIs ideal also pointed out in the announcement, has recently been for the braking system and suspension comfort on bumpy roadJiaogan completed a new round of hardware optimization and all of the testing. The new suspension and braking systems have more excellent performance, it Will be delivered to the user at the time of mass production. And a large number of upgrades in thIs bulletin noted with respect, perhaps suspension and brake defects in terms of, Is thIs “free” upgrade true intentions.

had to admit that the new forces repairer for the industry brought many new ideas, it intended to break the traditional Car sales model, a “insurgents.” But a lot of repairer amount of new forces of production delivery date Is delayed.

as a singularity Car has said it Will deliver iS6 in the year 2019, and later said it would delay delivery until around 2020 Chinese New Year, but so far, there has not yet delivered. Wei to ES8 should begin shipping in the first quarter of thIs year, but only until the end of May to start delivery in the second half of thIs year and thIs should be lIsted ET7, or Will be postponed to 2022.

In addition, due to the smart Car product upgrades fast iteration, speed of delivery and production has not kept pace, resulting in such a long time user of the Car, hand it becomes a “used Car.” Xiaopeng Car models such as the 2020 G3 Car officially launched in December last year, thIs year’s July 10 launch of 2020 models. The new mileage than the old models improved over 100 km, cost Is also higher. But thIs time from the 2020 G3 models Xiaopeng first mention Car owners only in the past more than three months, there are a large number of users waiting for product delivery.

ideal Automobile founder Lee would also recently told the media that the ideal Car repairer regarded as a new force in the last business Cards, hoping to effectively prevent new enterprIses repairer before. ” pit”. We hope in the future to achieve the ideal of the ideal Car.