ID.3 Is called Volkswagen’s third revolution or with the Beatles, GOLF recorded in hIstory side by side

[Car News Network] want to buy (change) New Energy? Etc. ThIs can Ashkenazi pure electric Cars: Volkswagen ID.3.

According to foreign media reports, the upcoming Volkswagen to build a new platform MEB’s first electric vehicle based on ID3. And started production.

the public order on time mass production in November, and even have the whole Ziwei test facility Is completely transformed into pure electric vehicle production base, to produce all expectations long ID.3 pure electric vehicle. It Is understood that time Is actually delivered to the customer have to wait another year, in summer 2020.

(regardless ID.3 From the outside or from the vehicle positioning, very much like e-Golf legend)

surprIsing amount of production and delivery time, so ID.3 all of a sudden become the focus of the media, the public fans, as well as promotion of electric vehicles persons. However ID.3 cattle Car in the end what? Whether landing in the US market within two years, and allow consumers to enjoy price calculation, the high cost of pure electric Car?

However, surprIsingly, despite the early start of production time, but the first delivery date puts in the “2020 summer.” People think thIs Is a mIstake, because the delivery time Is at least seven months, which Will be available before the public it said different in 2020.

first said in 2020, “delivery of the first batch of” thIs thing, when asked about the long delivery time starts from the beginning in thIs production to where, when what the public Will do, a spokesman said they would increase the production and accumulation of sales: “the transformation of a large capacity plant from factory to 100% of the internal combustion engine 100% pure electric vehicle production base Is a unique step, but also a major challenge that requires precIse planning. “

However, thIs year Is not a” war-free Auto market, “the period of time, not only the large OEMs announced the launch of its own pure power models, manufacturers have been unable to bear pure electric, ready pre-emptive. In 2020, specialTesla has production lines extended to the United States, 300,000 yuan and a range of 400Km of electric vehicles into the footsteps of the American middle class consumer population increasingly hasty.

“Volkswagen not rushing things, we Will gradually increase production, Will be launched almost simultaneously in 30 European countries ID.3 ยทยทยท We have more than 30,000 copies of book. “Volkswagen spokesman said.

Is not only ID.3, Volkswagen also said 2020 production and sales of about 10 million electric vehicles based MEB target platform.

In May, Volkswagen opened ID3. Electric hatchback reservation. The number of electric Cars in the global book soared from 0 to 10,000 with only a short period of 24 hours. Orders into effect in April 2020, consumers want to change your mind after a full refund can be obtained.

the public to sources: ID.3 not expensive, less than 30,000 euros. According to the current exchange rate, the price of less than 24 million. The second half of 2020, new energy vehicles are not subsidized on the policy, 240,000 prices, even with the import tax, it Is also quite competitive.

public even think that, ID.3 Is the first of three major changes in thIs German company hIstory, second only to the Beatles and golf.