I heard that exposed thigh seat Is not suitable for mushroom cool leather seats?

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saying we were sitting inside the Car, apart from the Car open up beyond the driving experience, it Is the most direct feel from ass, i.e. of the seat .

the seat generally two types, fabric seat and leather seat , we today in three Laijiangjiang points, their superior shortcomings , when buying a Car, how should we go to the election.

may cleanliness

thIs Is obvious, and

leather good Care I think it Is the biggest advantage of, for example, you do not get accidentally sprinkled drinks, eat, eat everywhere, take a wet paper towel to wipe You can clean.

If thIs

fabric seat , you sprinkle the drink, on the go directly retentate , substantially it Is waste, or to the new packet seat , or endured to .

Moreover, if a long time, if not cleaned often,

the seat becomes shiny shiny , made with black light, verses and goose bumps.

Leather seat win!


the seat fabric

permeability better. Because the seats are generally woven cotton blended yarn , as we as clothes, cotton certainly more permeable than skin.

leather seats I am sure you have come to realize over the summer by a go, the point of sweat, Will immediately stick to the back.

God said to sweat seat Is not breathable, so there Will be

seat ventilation thIs thing.

Further, in winter ice butt, butt hot summer, but also one of the characterIstics of the leather seats,

web not have such a case friends.

fabric seat win!

which Is better see circle feel that thIs Is still depends on personal preference.

In general, leather seats Will become more


Some, but also in domestic leather seats are more popular, are expensive Cars or high with the only leather seats.

fabric seat

Although it looks very cheap, but the choice of fabric seat abroad and more people are super. As technology advances, ah, thIs fabric seat Is constantly improving its weaving methods and materials , improve its comfort.

Moreover, some fabric seat Is very classic, very personal, like on many of our editors teacher would very much like

golf plaid seat



summarize to sum up, good pack leather seats, upscale look, fabric seat sit comfortably, have more personality.

that we should in the end how to choose it, the circle recommended that two to three million vehicles, choose leather seats, Cars are so expensive, and installing a fabric seat and a little violation.

of about one hundred thousand family Cars, fabric seat on the line, cheap and comfortable.

In general, how to choose depends on personal preference, there Is no absolute standard. HIs Car, drove heart LIshu Tan on the line.

Well, thIs program has to end here friends, Follow us remember Oh, bye