Hundreds of thousands of mid-sized SUV has a choice? Three kinds of seating combinations can X90 Express way how good?

people like SUV models in the end how it? It can be seen from the sales of SUV and sedan, in fact, the difference between the two Is very small. So Why people would be so favorite SUV it? In fact SUV has more space and a larger number of manned and higher off the ground clearance have a great relationship. However, with the expansion of seats increases, the size, the price Will continue to rIse.

At thIs time, the advantages of its own brand Will be manifested. Holdings such as Chery’s brand, says the way the Czech Republic, hundreds of thousands of price but also create an excellent large-size SUV. It Is the way the Czech Republic X90, priced at only $ 7.99-14.19 million.

a wide age range of consumer

At present the Czech Republic passers-brand product serial total of three models are positioned mid-sized SUV, respectively, X70, X70S and X90, follow-up Will launch X95, X90 and therefore Is the brand’s flagship model. In fact, the appearance of the body X90 Is the appearance of a traditional mid-sized SUV, on the whole square, quite atmosphere. However, the way the Czech Republic Is at pains to add some unique elements, such as Huizhou architecture. X90 headlights, grille and taillight design lines more publicity, in a kind of vague “emblem city leaders” style, which combine traditional and trendy way Is actually all ages, in line with the aesthetic of most consumers.

Similarly, X90 interiors can also make you feel such an atmosphere. Encircling the control layout, a large area of ​​soft leather, piano paint finIshing touch panel and aluminum trim general imitation version, the entire center console to create a good sense of luxury. And the same place on creating a sense of technology, the whole system comes standard with 9 inches touch in controlling a large screen (support Google CarLife), in addition to minimum dIstribution, the entire department Is equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, wireless charging on with models and a mirror panel streaming leapfrog Is generally present. But what really impresses or occupant of the seat texture, soft, strong lumbar support sex it Is best summed up, after the author a full day long test drive, still did not feel tired.

absolute class-leading ride experience

At present Czech way X90 There are three seating layouts to choose from, including five 2 + 3, 6 and 7 2 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2, in which six versions or Will become mainstream consumer choice. The second row of two seats layout first effort to have a good time out of the third row of convenience, do not put the seat, so that province. Followed by a separate second-row seats to create a sense of good business-like MPV, since separated, so the two front seats and seat can do the same comfort, and the larger leg space and support angle adjustable backrest can provide a good posture, even to a “paralysIs Ge” mention.


X90 Is 2850mm, the largest Is the three models, but also leading the same level, in addition to a second row leave space also extends the third row space. Even the second-row seat Is adjusted to the final height of 178cm I Will not be riding in the third row of the top leg phenomenon, even more huddled in the lower limbs should also be some dIscomfort for a soft cushion to resolve most in the third row after a 30 minutes ride, thIs sense of oppression SUV Will have the traditional three rows of seats it Is difficult to appear on the X90. It Is worth mentioning that, X90 three rows of passengers are provided as independent air conditioning vent, very intimate.

long-dIstance travel Is also to have a passion

thIs year months on the market, originally released 1.5T and 1.6T two power assembly X90 fact, only in the early version of the 1.5T power, and now the 1.6T version finally came. ThIs 1.5T (147 hp) are mounted on the engine and X70 X70S, replace the pre-mounted after 8 speed manual gearbox and switch 6 speed dual clutch transmIssion, thIs powertrain significantly more smooth power also are much more direct. However, 1.6T version Is the most pleasant surprIse of the local people, although the dIsplacement of almost the same, but stronger 145 kilowatts and 290 cattle· M power between the two versions of the character make a marked difference. Driving X90 1.6T, you’ll find more at ease, and matching 7-speed gearbox double from the same bad performance on the ride.

Electronic Power steering adjustment occurs 15 million or less rare models, Is divided into two in the comfort and movement X90 modes, sport mode steering bias sink, for intense driving. In everyday driving, it Is clear comfort mode Is more suitable, and as the vehicle speed increases progressively heavier steering wheel has a great sense of security for the driver, once the speed exceeds 100km / h, very heavy feeling in a short time single do not panic too much when handed operation. Because the body Is too large, X90 priority Is supportive, combined have a big impact the entire department Is equipped with large wheels (17, 18 inch) filter the suspension vibration.

written in the last

Jie way X90 are oriented consumer groups Is fairly obvious – with the needs of cost-effective, large space. But in addition to thIs, X90 and some bonus items, such as comfortable seating and layout, mainstream technology configuration and good powertrain, as compared to the same level, X90 also has a full product strength.

If your budget Is around 10 million, perhaps even a small SUV joint venture can not reach, but its own brand price advantage Is so obvious, if you do not have the brand so persIstent , the Czech Republic, X90 Is definitely a worthwhile way to enter the pre-order the lIst of models.

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