“Huawei automotive world”! Hi mention second life Chery

[new members] – second life Chery (82020 Tiggo models 290TGDI DCT GLS Obsidian Black 7), Is Willing to boost the power of their own wIsdom made the United States, more than twenty years of struggle , return still a teenager!

sincerely hope that you Will grow into “the Automotive world Huawei”! New report, hope that more exhibitions!

simply talk about basic Car feel, hoping to give other friends a little plan to buy a Car reference

[most satIsfied] Car’s exterior atmosphere, nothing like the price of the Car configuration Is a great whole space, cost-effective

[where most dIssatIsfied]

1, mobile wireless charging slot Is slightly more shallow, sharp turns easily slips off the phone;

2, air conditioning panel Is simply fingerprint collector, obsessive-compulsive dIsorder looked really uncomfortable

3, vehicle specification writing complex, not simple, basically might as well learn their own way or Google fast

[appearance] atmospheric tough

[interior] the young avant-garde sense of strong science and technology

[space] horizontal and vertical headroom good

[comfortable] magic seat largest family higher evaluation

[fuel] Is currently running 400 kilometers, showing an average fuel consumption of 8.7L / 100km, after a run-in period should also reduce the points.

[power] ample power reserve, call, there Is a certain sense of pushing back.

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