How Volkswagen successful integration of the two technologies and opportunities

I believe many people are very familiar with Volkswagen, the Volkswagen brand has a familiar Santana, Jetta, POLO, Audi, etc., which Volkswagen in appearance and technology are far ahead of other Cars outside the department, by the people like it.

With the quality of life of our people has been a huge improvement in the diet dressing better than before. We can also see that we Americans increasingly affluent situation from the other side, that Is the Car. There Is no doubt that the total number of vehicles owned by Americans Is among the highest in the world, even the second and third tier cities can now see the phenomenon of traffic congestion.

say to the Car, we are first to come to mind Is that Japanese Cars – Toyota and Honda. After these two brands, the best-selling foreign brand non-steam Volkswagen perfectly.

I believe many people are very familiar VW. We can have a catchy Santana, POLO, Passat, Magotan ……. These Cars are very common on the road, a lot of people have the ability to open the Volkswagen brand Cars. Volkswagen Is part of a German Car, but the main low-end market, especially for the development of the human American countries.

ThIs Is Why the public can have in our country the reasons a place of safety and comfort features Ashkenazi Car Is not Japanese Cars Is so good, but the exterior design and process design to be slightly better than the Japanese Cars.

In the United States, the public company Is a Sino-German joint venture. Liked by people in the 1990s and 2000s, he has won the “America’s Favorite enterprIse” and “America’s Most praIse of enterprIses”. You know, Volkswagen was the first vehicle to form local production of foreign Car companies in the US market.

After the reform and opening up, pay attention to the development potential of the Volkswagen Cars United States, followed by the national government to cooperate with us quickly, get into the initiative, the introduction of good quality and reputation of a good Car. We are most familiar with Santana, Volkswagen introduced the Audi in the United States in time to make their own business territory in the United States has been significantly expanded. [Original without permIssion, declined reproduced! ]