How to get rid of “greasy” car interiors it?

Recently, the “greasy” the word often appears in our field of vIsion, we can not avoid. In fact, it Is not just Automotive interior looks “greasy” problem.

early Automobile invented a lot of materials – leather, wood, metal and fabric, gives a retro feeling and heaviness. With the development of the times, light weight, compact design gradually prevailed. These heavy-duty vehicle interiors inevitably gives a “greasy” feeling. So how do we get rid of “greasy” Car interiors it?

Automotive interior system Is an important part of the vehicle body, while the interior design work accounts for more than 60% of the entire vehicle design effort, far beyond the Automotive styling, Is one of the most important parts of the body. As people spend more time in the Car, the Car Is not just a means of transportation. People expected of it has changed, which means more demanding Automobile interiors. The Automotive industry Is ushering in an unprecedented tide of digital intelligence and interior design in the changing trend of the times.

to break the “eyes”

we can just see all prerequIsites. How to create a sense of space in the small Car, good transparency and create a vIsual extension of the space, it has long been to get rid of Automotive interior “greasy.”

First, the easiest way Is to reduce the height of the instrument panel, while increasing the depth to provide maximum vIsibility for the occupant.

Meanwhile, as mobile smart phones to replace the traditional process, vehicle positioning intelligent terminal has become increasingly evident. Therefore, all touch Will gradually replace the functionality of the buttons, the screen on the expected upward trend in Automotive interior applications, the glass cockpit cockpit Will become the trend of the times, which Will make the interior more simple and fresh.

from the heart “

with the continued growth in demand for Automotive interior of the occupants, they need to ensure they are in addition to the functionality and safety, but also to meet their emotional appeal and personal experience of art aesthetics with modern technology integration, to create the perfect driving experience.


according to the occupants of the personality, preferences and other indoor layout, color and texture of the unique design , to create the most intuitive external personal style: simple and stable, warm and comfortable, such as by creating dynamic avant-garde Car’s personality, enhance occupant interior design language perception

human-computer interaction design

to create a clear and unique operating logic, the combined operation of hardware and software experience to maximize people smooth communication with the interior, highlighting the humanity and charIsma of science and technology from the “deep inside” so that Car occupants understand the emotional appeal, Is the perfect embodiment of the unity of people and vehicles. [1 23]

Automotive interior of the future development, Will pay more attention to the passenger experience, creating a perfect and comfortable driving environment for them. More innovation, we need to wait and see.