How to dIstinguIsh between old and new Ford Mustang Mustang? Remember thIs seven, a recognized 18 Mustang!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Wei say anything imported Cars

The Ford Mustang Is a favorite model of many young people, as an entry-level sports Car Ford Mustang Is outstanding both in appearance and performance. Parallel import version of the 2019 Ford Mustang models in early landed on the US market, while the gauge version of the model has recently launched new models, Ford Mustang selected friends Will look like it cool, then exactly how to dIstinguIsh between new and old paragraph models do?

cash Ford Mustang Is the sixth generation model, and the 2019 models of the Ford Mustang Is a mid-term facelift models of thIs generation, and not much change and in these details change in the standard Will be able to recognize the difference between the old and new models.

The first big change Is the new headlight, the headlight design from the original “Danfeng” into the present form, the old light source xenon + LED LED turns a full Automatic headlights, “three bar” daytime running lights does not change inside the headlight. The new headlight shape Is more attractive, higher technological sense light.

in terms of fog lights and turn signals, old in the bottom of a separate fog, no new basic standard fog lights, with high in only. Turn signal light from the LED light source into a halogen light source. Ford Mustang higher degree of recognition

surrounding the sides of , the more than two intake ports, not only can change the direction of air flow, leaving paragraph 18 !

on the hood also increased a pair of vents, not only to improve the cooling of the engine, but also to 18 Ford Mustang sporty stronger!


The standard hub has shrunk from either the shape or size from the original standard 18-inch dual wheel 5 becomes 17 5-inch alloy wheels, it Is very regrettable.


Ford Mustang taillight with a clear dIstinction paragraph 17, although both the “threeStripes “shape, but the shape of the section 18 with a streamlined, even more overall perspective, with water and a steering function.

Ford Mustang tail portion 18 of paragraph

spoiler turned black, the old section of the exterior color.

in addition, the basic version of the 2019 Ford Mustang models in appearance and the old models did not change much, people want to know the Car up to it? Remember that more than 7:00, so you’re on the road one can dIstinguIsh the old section of the new Ford Mustang. For more on what Is Ford Mustang Wei to introduce in detail in the following pages. What Wei hopes to help Car buyers in choosing our friends.