How to deal with the heavy odor car interior?

car interior smell, to distinguish the source of the odor, go right medicine.

1. If the new car smell, is not removed in this short time, the smell generated mainly from plastics and leather seat door, ground pads and the like. Formaldehyde ingredients are more down to earth but only when tested qualified manufacturers factory. Therefore, the discharge point can buy a new car or pebbly quince tea in the car, it smoke flavor. You can also buy bamboo carbon package, under the seat and the trunk are put. Remember when saturated with about two months to make all these thrown away a new one. In a safe place the door open for ventilation and more, smell this car will be scattered faster.

2. Sauna steam sterilization, also called high-temperature sterilization odor. A vehicle parked in one place for too long there are ants all kinds of small things, such high temperature sterilization can be used, the effect is more ideal. Like this new crown pneumonia epidemic, many stores are also using this sterilization temperature sterilization, add a little disinfectant on the inside, it can play a good bactericidal effect.

3. Ozone disinfection, ozone disinfection wash beauty shop is now the most commonly used disinfection apparatus. For some indoor car smell it, like the smoke which can be quickly removed by ozone disinfection.

4. If it is a dead rat or sweat-car smell, or taste of grease, dirt taste of wine. Smell like this, then, with these conventional disinfection is no way to get rid of this produce is best to find the source of the smell, the whole car interior thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and then select the appropriate way to smell.