How to clean car interiors it? Learn these points, the interior must be very clean,

we may all pay attention to maintenance of engines and other Auto parts, often went to the store Is to let the master to check the engine, check the chassIs. In fact, the Car’s interior as we need to maintain, and today we are concerned that how Car interior should be maintained. In fact, Automotive interior maintenance of good, that Is, to save money for themselves. You know, even if the replacement under the Car seat, but also very expensive, especially leather seats, a few thousand that did not really change it! So how do you maintain it? It Is largely from a few to start, as long as did, basically no problem.

First of all, said the Car leather seats, we all know that leather Is very finicky. Our Car leather seats if it Is, it Is necessary to prevent sharp things to hurt them. Leather seats sun do the work, if the Car parked outside in the summer, best to use dust cover. Leather seats Will indeed dirty, we had better use soap and water to clean it. When we go to the store, the store Will always be with foam detergent class leather seats, in fact, thIs Is very bad. Leather seats prolonged use foam-based cleaning agents, skin hardens.

how to use soap and water to clean it? It Is also very simple. The towel soaked in warm water with soap and then apply a towel, wipe the leather seats, thIs time Will certainly be a dirty towel. After using soapy water, then warm water clean towel, a wet wipe towel again leather seats. ThIs repeated wiping, substantially leather seats Will be much cleaner. ThIs method Is also applicable to the dashboard plastic parts, it should be said, with such damage to Car seats and other interior Is minimal.

Inside, in fact, a lot of dust, and sometimes there Is a bad smell inside the Car. As the owner, should be cleaned regularly to the cabin, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. If you can not clean up some of their own dead, it Is best to go to the beauty shop, so a professional chef using the machine for cleaning the vehicle interior. A lot of people think thIs Is nothing necessary, but we are using the Car every day, if the bacteria inside the Car a lot, very influential on the body.

There Is a vehicle interior sealing strip, which seals in the CarNear the window and door, the owner Is estimated Will not pay attention to their maintenance. Because the Car Is always a long time from the sun, these seals are easy to aging, then there may be leaking. How to maintain it? We require frequent cleaning seal, generally 1-2 months we Will seal these unified maintenance, maintenance agents rubber may be used. Like work like thIs, mainly because the stick, stick to it, you can extend the life of the seal.

we may find that the pedal Is always dirty, if not here for a long time to clean up, Is easy to moldy. So we should always come under the treadle to clean water, then dry, the best little sun can kill the bacteria. Anyway, if these areas are well done, Automotive interior life of the president, we are also equal in saving. Many owners always spend a lot of money on other maintenance, but also should pay attention to thIs piece of Automotive interiors, or else when the time needs to be replaced, only regret. In fact, these points are not hard to do, and Is largely stick with it.