How to change skin car interiors? 90% of owners do not know

how to change skin Car interiors? good or not?

in those Car owners to ask thIs question, in general there are two possibilities:

First, there Is not much on the interior when buying a Car after attention, Car interiors realized the importance and decided to change skin;

Second, the problem of the interior, the Car went to the store of beauty, but the other party’s direct program It Is refurbIshed, refurbIshed direct that change skin.

When the owners of the network posted for help, they often have to himself dIscontent with such a solution.

However, 90% of owners do not know the interior problem, thIs process can also be refurbIshed, micro Pascal interior trim SPA can help you effectively solve thIs problem, and does not hurting the original Car leather.

remedy Is really good, but on a rainy day Is the last choice. Before

Car, without first interior cleaning, invited a Pascal function interior coating.

Pascal interiors feature film after the test, the effect Is powerful. Pascal brand founded in Germany in 1973, deep leather maintenance landscaping technology, introduced in 2007 to the United States mainland. Pascal interior features coating products, after more than ten years of market competition, it Is still a Car interior maintenance landscaping unique in the industry in thIs segment advanced brand products. Until 2019, Pascal has served more than 5000 stores and service worth more than 500,000 vehicles have been over one million times.

Pascal functional coatings for interior trim problems, developed a series of products, conducted a special break. After construction of the function film can be attached to the interior surface of long-term use of water-oil separation, eliminating the trouble of cleaning, stubborn dirt before a wipe-clean, breathable and remain, so that “stain resIstance” “fade “” aging “,” corrosion resIstance “” abrasion “five-effect one.

Interior Pascal chemical functional film can be locked volatile components, effective odor, health Car home guard; leather interior locking nutrients, prevent aging interior; color locked, preventing the decorative fade; interior forming a protective layer, anti-scratch, abrasion, staining.

Pascal Is not a simple surface coating, the active ingredient comprIses a water-based nano-and micro-elements collagen composite coating can be hydrophilic oleophobic, so that stains and the object It separated from the surface, to achieve the protective effect of the self-cleaning; while direct dermal fibrous layer, to achieve the effect nourIsh repair.

Now, even if you need to change the Car interior leather, and you do not have to worry, right?