How long maintenance auto parts for once? 10-year-old driver said really makes sense!

For the Car, the old drivers know, one Is well maintained for their own security, but also give their best to save money. Novice drivers are very strange, maintenance Is obviously to spend money, how to save money? There are many novice driver does not move the Car maintenance, Car maintenance to the warning lights to warn before going maintenance. In fact, I think the Car Is the same as their loved ones, we must cherIsh it love it. The Car brush clean, hIs face Is also nice, Is not it the truth? However, many novice driver does not move the Car parts need to be replaced once in the end how long? I gave you talk about the details today. I hope my suggestion Will give you help.

First, the replacement of the spark plug . Spark plug replacement cycle: Under normal circumstances, ordinary 20,000 kilometers, 40,000 kilometers of platinum, iridium of about 60,000 km. Old drivers know, the spark plug Is responsible for igniting the mixed gas in the cylinder, the situation Is directly related to fuel consumption and acceleration performance of the engine. When the Car driving to a certain mileage, spark plugs Will produce some Carbon, thereby affecting the engine starts. Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle depending on the material may be, the general Is 20,000 kilometers, 40,000 kilometers as platinum, iridium Is about 60,000 km. It should be determined according to the specific circumstances of the use of different Car.

Second, the Car battery replacement . Car battery replacement period: 2–3 years or 60,000 kilometers. General Automotive lead-acid battery life of up to three years recommended normal at thIs time and the maximum effective capacity of the battery dIscharge rate Will fall sharply, but it does not mean to 3 years battery can not be used immediately. If the Car when the traffic jam, often idle state, but also your headlights and air conditioning, then the generating capacity of the generator Is difficult enough. Parking and other people when the Car drove around the sound for an hour, the old battery estimate Is likely to much.

Third, replacing brake pads. Cycle : Since different drivers of the brakes habits, loss due to the brake pads are also different, but in general, when the maintenance and inspection to the Car, if the thickness Is less than the brake pads 3 mm, must keep in mind at thIs timereplace. Brake pads Will increase mileage and time and wear, often to slam the brakes if the driver Is not correct manner, Will aggravate the brake pads wear, so I suggest that you should always check the brake pads, brake pads if found thickness less than or equal to 3 mm, must be replaced to ensure safety!

Conclusion: Car maintenance Is to ensure a safe and economical to do so, I suggest that more than Care for their faithful Car the Car, as it Is often maintained, but also learn some knowledge of Car maintenance, Car maintenance to understand the real old driver.

How often are you serviced once your Car? What maintenance tips also and share it together.