History of the most stringent emissions come Geely: from today all models upgrade the country six b

April 29, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments jointly issued the “Notice on a number of measures to stabilize and expand car consumption.”

notification made, the number of light vehicles (total mass of no more than 3.5 tons) country six emission standards for particulate matter limits the production of the transition period deadline, adjusted by the year 2020 before 1 July 2021 before January 1, 2023 on July 1 deadline to achieve national emission standards for six b remains unchanged.

Geely Automobile officially announced today, May 16, all models Geely Automobile Hwan new country six b, emissions upgrade in one step, three years ahead of all cars are to meet the country’s most stringent emission standards.

It is understood that stringent emission standards b degree six countries called the world’s first 1 in the history of the first.

State of six carbon oxides and b NMHC a stage lower than the six countries more than 50%, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides lower than a six stage countries more than 30%. Therefore, the country six b is the true country of June.

It is reported that Geely Automobile lead to other car companies complete certification covering the whole country in six models b Tianjin, Chongqing, the three major New York testing organizations.

for consumers, as the latest and most stringent emissions standards, national six b models used car residual rate higher, trading is no different limits, more preservation; and at least the next five years, no travel restrictions, transfer, inspection no worries.

Geely Automobile said the country’s six full-line switch b emission standards, will bring great environmental value, with annual sales of Geely Automobile 2019, 1.36 million calculations (such as a single car traveling ten thousand a year km), meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 4,000 tons, 20 tons of carbon particulate emissions, equivalent to one year planted 150,000 trees.