HIstory of the most comprehensive car guide

a lot of riders on the vehicle Is not so much about when buying a Car, for some trading vehicle during some of the procedures are not very clear, the little master summarizes some of the people questions about vehicles often concerned made a collection, to facilitate rapid understanding of vehicle-related knowledge. Here are reading, basically purchase the vehicle has been nothing wrong with me! !

on thIs child choose a Car, the most confused when the number just graduated from driving school “white road” were the. First, the body, the four largest Car Tiida but also 4295 mm long, while the smallest Alto only 3570 mm long, which makes a lot of novice drivers Will be handy when parking; combined fuel consumption fuel consumption, four Cars can control in about one hundred kilometers 7 liters, even if the Car Is not good sense, throttle suddenly large and small novice, not substantially more than one hundred kilometers 8 liters, quite a bargain; in addition, these four Cars are very large holdings of small Cars either repair costs after routine maintenance costs or rub, real prices are very transparent, so new to the white Car had no need to have any concerns;

price, if you intend to practice hand 1–2 years after the transfer, it Is recommended to select 5–6 years used Car. Not only can the price of 2-5 ten thousand would start a price when selling Cars in the future Will not change much derogatory, further reducing the cost advantage of using a sedan more focused on the “ass.” More out of the trunk of the band for the owners more practical, but also in the congestion Is not serious, ample parking city parking difficult problem sedan Will not be troubled by the novice friends. Golf Car, the Civic, Focus, Hideo and other flagship sports Is very suitable. For those who are driving thIs child heart high gas child friends, thIs four partial sporty Car picture should be a good choice. To four trolley Cars used in the mainstream Car market, for example, their power output Will remain at between 120-150 horsepower, which Is just on the road for the novice Is perfectly adequate;

in addition, for thIs kind of like driving and want to hone technical friends, I recommend Sage selected manual transmIssion. After all, our daily driving, in the final analysIs Is a journeymanSpecies, as long as we open more training, I believe the Car you Will soon be able to enter the ranks of older drivers, wait until then to replace more powerful, more accurate control of the Car, which Will be able to better dIscovery of the wonderful . Finally the price, 70,000 from four in the Car was enough to start the selected one. Yes, thIs several partial sporty Car Is a lot of riders selected entry modified, it Is recommended that you choose a Car novice friends at the time, try to avoid vehicles have been modified so that the original Will be more stable performance and higher value retention. Not to buy cheap Car, afraid to open high-end Car bad, buy a new Car not afraid to rub a dIstressed level you …… actually choose novices friends in the Car, no need to be afraid of the wolf sCared the tiger before. As long as their purpose vehicles, commonly defined the road environment, one thing that find their own practice Is ripe for a handCart.

to these four Cars, for example, the trunk’s largest Sylphy reached 540 liters, while the smallest Excelle trunk also has 405 liters of space; fuel consumption , Rena, Corolla, Sylphy 100 km fuel consumption of 8 liters basically had no control pressure, only slightly higher combined fuel consumption Excelle, at 9-10 liters per one hundred kilometers. However, in less traffic congestion, fuel consumption Will naturally reduce the number; not to mention maintenance, basically any repair shop, can easily solve thIs problem encountered by several mainstream family Cars; price, 60000 from four in the Car Is enough to tune a practicing their favorite hands down. In addition to travel, many of my friends want to look good after hone their driving skills to get a driver’s license. Then the Car selection process, we need based on the original,

There are some requirements on the performance of the vehicle. Also recommended to select the manual transmIssion version, thIs Car to cultivate a sense and response capabilities have a very good help, of course, cheaper, preservation, making resIstant, low maintenance costs These articles certainly like a lot. Now I put the brightest novice drivers divided into three categories, come see what type of Car for you. Such general interest friends on the Car itself Is not large, but it requires daily travel. Car time Is generally concentrated in the morning and evening peak, plus just take thIs child, less experienced drivers, “craft tide.” So hatchback, Automatic Car low fuel consumption for thIs type of friend Is the most natural hand Cars in practice.If we add a home, then on the basIs of commuting on the space larger and more practical sedan family Car would be a better choice.

In addition, local congestion situation Is not serious riders can also prioritize sedan, after all, less Car parking place Is also convenient, basically not to worry and more a “butt” into the parking place of thing can not happen. Rena, Sylphy, Excelle, Corolla sedan Is a family Car in the players Alto, polo, Tiida and Fit Is a good representative of thIs type of Car.