HIstory car logo evolution, marked the first public use of a vehicle few people seen

as a Car brand Car standard external dIsplay, it Is concentrated the entire Automotive brand culture. A good logo, timeless, stand the test of time. The Car brand in their own culture precipitation during long time to maintain the inherent image, both for brand recognition or to maintain customer loyalty, are very important. However, a hIstoric brand, in the river over time, Will inevitably encounter many changes, including war, the market extrinsic factors; also includes the company’s transformation, product replacement and other internal factors. Especially when a Car brand in crIsIs, Will be adjusting their brand image conversion marketing ideas.

Thus, we can reverse thrust, should a Car brand logo in a long steady state, not often, to a large extent changed the body shape, well, thIs Car brand management must be to maintain a good posture. Throughout our side of the Car brand Will find more good Car brand, the more Will solidify their brand image, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW for example.

Mercedes – Benz

Mercedes – Benz, which was founded in 1871 – the first production Car of the German brand worldwide, all on a global scale the presence of top Automotive industry. And its three-pointed star logo also acknowledged luxury Cars and top symbol. Although Mercedes-Benz Is not the start of its three-pointed star logo, but Mercedes letters, but since 1909, with the three-pointed star turned out, it thus became the absolute symbol of the brand, its main image never change. Pointed star represents the great dream “in sea and air transport manufacturing three”, but also reveals the domination of the Mercedes-Benz overlord momentum. In the hundred years of hIstory, Mercedes-Benz, with its admirable technology, quality and innovation, and has created countless classic, three-pointed star has become one of the world’s most famous landmark. Early next three-pointed star, and the words MeidesaIsi and other decorations, but the German minimalIst design of thIs flag finally settled on a three-pointed star embedded in a circle. From 1933 to now, nearly 85 years, almost exclusively to fine-tune some colors and materials.


BMW, stands for Bavarian machinery factory AG, establIshed in Munich, Germany in 1916. Similarly, as the world’s leading Car manufacturer brand, BMW initially but it Is an aircraft manufacturing company, in hundreds of years ago, BMW on doing the popular thing – cross-border. So what in the end on behalf of the BMW logo? Most people take for granted that thIs represents a blue sky and airplane propellers. Of course, there Is another way of saying that the color of the BMW mark Is not taken from the blue sky, but the blue and white Bavarian flag. Either way, since it’s LOGO produce, in addition to within 1936 changed the blue level, and the addition of a period of several the outer ring, the rest can be said almost exactly the same. A propeller blue, black circle outside the ring, the ring Is an abbreviation for the company name of BayerIsche Motoren Werke (BMW), it can be regarded as the standard faithfulness. From the beginning of the 1930s, BMW brand of charm and fascinating sense Driving has always been sought after by fans around the world.

Alpha Romeo

Alfa Romeo, founded in 1910, Is a famous Italian Car brand, with headquarters in Milan. Brand inception, designer Romano Cattaneo designed the first LOGO, BMW Is consIstent with the structure: round, outer ring letters, the intermediate pattern; pattern Is divided into two halves, one half of the Red Cross, half of snakes, were taken from the coat of the city of Milan badges and local ancient VIsconti family family crest; text contains alpha and Milano, separated by Savoy dynasty knot. After the change LOGO, we can see the LOGO always using a circular logo, the Red Cross and snakes combination of pattern center has never changed. It changes only the letters on the ring andColors and outer fringe. After 1960, Alfa Romeo put on LOGO milano formal removed, leaving only the ALFA ROMEO, snakes image has been streamlined, but it can be said, at first glance, thIs flag Is definitely a consIstent, loyal incredibly . For Alfa Romeo, after a change of ownership, war and other mIsfortune, but also kept the flag so consIstent, really rare. And thIs, with its strong racing pedigree Is absolutely inseparable, its gene movement created by a brilliant century to make it prosperous.

Ford Ford

the Ford American Car brand founded in 1902, 1903 birth of the first sign, prominent was the company name “FordMotorCo”, the entire logo more like a billboard or a small logo, identity Is very weak. In 1909, “Ford” – the name on the Card eventually become the main Ford LOGO laid a prototype of the later mark Is used consIstently. 1909, Ford The logo font settled, just like a running rabbit, follow-up Is only fine-tuning the details of the font, the main part of virtually no further change. In 1912, blue, oval, shaping the future for Ford Car down the calibration tone. 1957 Ford had a diamond type of change, but eventually adopted the “blue oval hundred years.” We can say that from 1927 to date, Ford’s logo Is almost untouched, but the Blue Oval also witnessed the “RIse of Ford” glorious hIstory, but in these hundred years, Ford’s production methods to get the Car into every household, it bring us, not just the variety of vehicles increases, more profound changes and the impact on the whole society and culture.


the public hIstory and other brands than not a long, establIshed only in 1937Volkswagen, but at the behest of Hitler was born “people’s Car” – Volkswagen, already today truly become the most-loved Car. The meaning of public signs, that Is, the public (Volks) and Cars (Wagen) combination, namely Volks Wagen. The upper end of the body Is a V, the lower end of a W. But also can be seen as three victories (V) combined gesture, on behalf of “win win win” slogan. From 1939 to form the first sign that the elements on the extension slowly eliminated, leaving only the main part, it has been long applied. Volkswagen has a Car at all levels, extensive product line covers almost all Volkswagen models require, among the best in its global sales. VW Car standard has become the quality and quality labels, to hundreds of millions of Car owners with confidence and security.