High, top with more recommendation, Chery Yi Ruize GX Buyers guide

to “silver ten” months, joint + self-publIshed a total of 26 new models in the month, showing the degree of attention to the manufacturers point thIs time. Just two days ago the new generation of Chery Yi Ruize GX undoubtedly become the focus of its own brand new Car in the near future. The new Car “X” boring boring before front design philosophy changed the exIsting impression, the body look more slender and calm.

Is not ignored and the need for manual Chery enthusiasts, Automatic four models are the same. 7.49-11.39 million price also did not go beyond the pockets of most young people’s accumulated Petty, it can be said to be a better vehicle choice at thIs level. Then the total separation of eight versions of what Yi Ruize GX Which Is more worth buying it? Jun headlines which help you to analyze.

Automatic Cars: Times Top with Core color version of the most cost-effective, pay attention to the configuration can be considered the top with Yao color version Automatic Version 4 models, from low to high with fresh ligand are color version, type color version, Rui Yao color version and a color version. The difference between the four were 7,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

Automatic Core color version Recommendation: ★★★★★

Rui Automatic color version of the entire Cars top with the times, although 7000 yuan cheaper than the top model, but without the slightest compromIse security configuration. No manual top with the color version of the Core configuration differences compared to the slightest, and even more out of the remote start, with the Car Will be more convenient in the winter.

▲ Automatic and manual color version Core Core color version compared to the far moreCheng start

Compared to the version of the Automatic type a low color version, then the excess of the front side airbags, front / rear head curtain airbags, and the auxiliary line , lane departure warning, panoramic camera, rear central armrest / cup holder, Automatic headlights. Not difficult to see, the price of 106,900 yuan Core color version of Auto configuration Is quite pragmatic and complete, the entire Car line the price very well.

Yao Automatic color version Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

Cars focus on comfort and intelligent configuration consumers Yao color version Is preferred, in addition to having a comprehensive security configuration beyond. Automatic Core Version more color but also more active brake, adaptive cruIse, built tachograph, mobile wireless charging, the main driving seat and adjustment of electric heating, air conditioning and Automatic full LED headlights.

compared with ▲ top-top appearance and with many more electronic configuration

Automatic Yao-color version of the model not only differentiated in appearance with other models, in intelligence, operational ease of use and comfort also has a lot of improvement. Not bad money for consumers, top model can indeed bring a better Car experience.

The remaining two Automatic version of the model, the color version has a richer type of configuration, but the difference was 7,000 yuan and fresh color version of the same and no front side airbags and front / rear head curtain airbags, cost Is not particularly good, so little sense of both recommended.

hand vehicles: not more than $ 100,000, with a manual top Is undoubtedly the best choice

first look at the manual version of the four models, from low to high Is equipped with a color version are Wyatt, fresh color version, type and color version Core color version. The difference between the four were 5,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

Core Color Manual Version Recommendation: ★★★★

As the top with manual model, although the difference between the time to reach the top with $ 10,000, more than the difference between the manual several other models a lot, but the increase in the basic all security configuration, rather than fancy electronic system with virtuoso attributes.

▲ Core color version manually configure higher, and the price does not exceed $ 100,000, it Is recommended

times as compared with the top with a manual, Rui color version adds front side airbags, front / rear head curtain airbags, and the auxiliary line, lane departure warning, and Automatic headlights panoramic camera, so it seems can Is so much more traffic safety configuration, $ 10,000 Is not that much difference.

manually type color version Recommendation: ★★★

Although the configuration with the top inferior version of the model, but more than the other two low with the manual model Is better than the bad, if it Is cash-strapped, type color version may well be an option.

▲ manual type color version of the configuration to meet the most basic needs of the Car, cheaper than the same type of color version of the Automatic models, but not so configuration Is too low

times more than the top models compared to a tire pressure monitoring Yuet-color version and a color version of the strength, fatigue driving tips, keyless entry, keyless start , leather seats (the other two are of the fabric and / sheath mash), GPS navigation systems, Car network, power folding mirror heating and the like, and after dIscharging the air. overall configuration Is already very completeEquipment, all kinds of ease of use, security configuration are installed, the manual version of all four models except the top with the most recommended version.

Yue color version of the manual, an effort to pull down the color version of the model-based price model, similar to the high prices may have been considered the top version of Ai Ruize EX, Is not make recommendations.

headline said: In summary, the new Chery Yirui Ze Rui GX most recommended for Automatic color version, excellent value for money. Have more configuration, you can enjoy a more sophIsticated Automatic Car experience Yao color version as the top models followed recommended. For manual lovers, of course, the most important Is the price does not exceed 100 000 Core color version Will be able to have a good manual configuration. Cash-strapped consumers do not have to be dIscouraged, 8.69 million color version of the manual type may well be a good choice.