Have the opportunity to launch a special edition car, what conditions need to have?

When the divIsion and exceptionally edition models pay tribute to a Car more than a limited amount of N released, the Car Will analyze replacement in the near future, probably dIscontinued, manufacturers are promoting a very late thIs Car waste heat, once again circle the money.

but not every Car has the opportunity to become a limited edition, fans must have a handful of honest joy of pay for the job.

These Cars are not usually Avenue goods family Car, no one joy to spend the higher price of a family Car, nor Is filth, the world’s third special for the Car, which Is not put on stage surface.

Only those who dream of love talent can fans Care deeply about, they are violent and strange character, sacrificed their lives for the joy of all aspects of a particular platform Will achieve the ultimate as many Cars must not in line with many people’s taste, but it Is exceptionally rice porridge.

But it also requests for Car prices Is very high, if not a little piece to tell yet come up with a kind of mold facility Is exceptionally version, which means not only Car prices have a profound experience, more intense light Is necessary to have the job.

but as promIsed Car prices usually live in today Is not very good, good Bilutesi.

ThIs Car prices Plainly that Is the ultimate control of all the weight and then are all lightweight, did not see any interior decoration, leaving only pure drive.

In truth founder Collins dictionary, a fun Car finally Is light, then even with a pair of sub-policy motives Corolla, Highlander, thIs Car Is very fun, so the ElIse and Exige are doing.

they are very close to ElIse Sport 220 for the foundation, released ElIse four exceptionally painting. The Car Carrying Toyota Corolla 1.8L 1ZR-FAE policy motives, it was specifically removed the incentive domestic policy held Corolla analogy, the same excavation Is complete, Ruths just installed a pressurized machine.

Is a final licensed 217 horsepower and 250 Nm, taking into account the whole Car only 924 kg, less than one ton component, also accelerate zero one hundred only 4.6 seconds. JRS painting black gold of which ultimately very classic tribute to one of the 1972 Type 72D F1 racing, red Jinzhi Jing 1968 Gold Leaf Type 49B, won the 1960 Monaco Blue Bai Zhijing sub-station with Type 18 championship Car.

very much regret that see green and yellow paint, but engage in a blue and red paint Tribute 1980 Essex Racing Type 81, thIs Is the question team record general, Is probably too much out of the previous green-yellow paint, did not exhibit limited facilities sake.

In short, the acceptance and interior paint color corresponding to a total of 100 Will be limited, of course, and thIs country Is mIssed, the introduction of the country it would not have ten one-sided joy pay. Let alone considerate that after the closing of thIs generation ElIse to whether, in the capital injection Will launch a more auspicious commoner Ruths it? Author: Lee