Havana, do not go with classic cars, please give me a glass of rum

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004 City: Havana

Havana, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Cuba, known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, guardian of the gates leading to the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean. Havana Old Town and New Town Is divided into two parts, the old city Is a treasure trove of architectural art, still left many of the old SpanIsh colonial buildings. Metro close to the Caribbean, Latin America Is full of style and modern. Read the “Fast and Furious 8” friends must drag racing movie opening scene memories, real filmed in Havana Is located in the city’s seafront promenade.

travel to Cuba, and before leaving, we must not forget to bring some cigars and rum, but there’s one thing that can not take away, and that Is Cuba’s classic Cars. Cuba has the largest number of classic Cars in the world, everywhere the last century, 30 to 50 years on behalf of Ford, Chevrolet or Oldsmobile other old Cars on the streets of Havana. The main reason Is that the prevalence of long-term US economic sanctions against Cuba, prohibits export Cars to Cuba, a move that severely damaged the Cuban economy, but also accidentally brought the streets of Havana’s most unique retro classic Cars.

When a vehicle brightly colored vintage Car passing you by, no time to watch Carefully, they indulge in the city bring your sense of time, unable to extricate themselves ……


city Overview:




SpanIsh (and in business EnglIsh Is commonly used in international activities)


savannah climate, from May to October Is the rainy season. November to April Is the dry season.


2.2 million


Cuban Peso Cuban Peso 1 = US $ 1

celebrity footprint

Speaking of Cuba, not open around a person, that Is Hemingway. After World War I, Hemingway moved to Cuba, where the creation of a well-known masterpiece “Old Man”, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

in Havana, Hemingway Granville place Is frequented tavern, he had a famous saying: “can stand at the bar, on theDo not look for a table to sit down, “shows great writer who really love wine.

Hemingway’s favorite tavern to drink a fifth of the money Mojito, go to Floridita bar to drink Daiquiri.

five cents bIstro (LA BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO)

Floridita bar: vIsion America

two taverns and thus became famous, Mojito (Mojito) Is a cocktail became popular around the world.

if the opportunity to vIsit, a glass of wine with the money Hemingway on certain points, and friends around Kan Kanda Shan, open Havana “reluctant to leave,” one day ……

Mojito, rum with mint leaves with ice

recommended books

[12 3] “far away in Cuba,” by Ray King Jiaxuan vIsited Cuba several times, wrote essays Travels essence. Cuba had to make a living with their parents remember to vIsit Cuba Old Town, Lei Jing Xuan to see , the smell, the sense of bringing together into words, Will now face Cuba and overseas are old memories, which Will remain in the swift time.

Cuban music

even to people who know nothing about Cuban music, Will also be impressed that the free flow of notes. Suffering Is not repressed Cubans optimIsm and courage, when the Jazz ran into Latin, on thIs warm land, the birth of Cuban jazz great qualities.

Cuban jazz emphasIs on percussion and melody, Qingqiao and soft, like an old friend wanton chat, like a lover tell Zhongchang ……

to lIsten to Cuban jazz had to lIsten to an old singer, Ibrahim Ferrer, he won the inaugural Latin Grammy for best new artIst at the age of 73, he Is still being talked about. In 1999, he publIshed the album BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB (BVSC, the beauty of social clubs), famous. Gu Bate sensual voice with some style, people swaying ……