Has a 8-year warranty and reliable quality of the joint venture vehicle, you are Willing to change it?

In the winter environment of the Automobile market, if you thought about change? ThIs Is one of the first half of 2020 the most contentious Issues, while consumers six national emIssion standards in the implementation, etc., on the other hand waiting for your favorite national brand launched six models. According to the Automobile Association data analysIs, from January to July, Auto production and sales were 13,933,000 and 14,132,000, down 13.5% and 11.4% respectively over the previous year, production and sales data clearly show that the Auto market Is still in the “winter” state.

Master the blame for the sluggIsh Auto market there are three main points: First, the “national five transit countries Six” six countries namely emIssion standards for the purposes mentioned above, has led to consumer demand for Cars in the who sidelines, after all, for most people to buy a Car or a major event; the second Is the implementation before the new emIssion standards, most Cars larger dIscount rate, the majority of consumers want to wait for further price reduction; Third, new energy models quickly development, and related policy restrictions in some areas, many consumers considering the purchase of new energy vehicles, integrated a number of factors that led to the current situation.

In fact the main consumer of Cars after 6570, gradually being replaced after 80 after 90, the new generation of consumer Automotive products have higher requirements they require not only technical skills of the Big Three Automobile, Car ownership also requires excellent comfort, handling, thIs Is undoubtedly also a test of the level of Car prices repairer, plus a wide variety of Auto finance policy, more and more Young consumers are Willing to buy a Car or transfer in advance! But consumers first requirement in choosing Cars are reliable quality Cars, a lot of Cars to the problem of poor corporate performance, while SAIC-GM-Buick in May thIs year, for a new generation equipped with 1.3T, 1.0T, 1.3L engine models user, the first to introduce “quality to enjoy worry-free – low-emIssion powertrain long warranty plan,” which for eight years or 160,000 km long warranty period as well as the old and new owners share the warranty period calculation lorry full of sincerity commitment to service, by the vast number of consumers of praIse! ThIs begs the question, “Where’s the Buick confidence?” You know the Car market Is a huge cake, who Will share it to consumers?

The core technology faster iterations, the product fully confident

on halfIn some brands are frustrated one of the reasons the year, consumer brand awareness more polarized, not a few well-known own-brand sales slammed the bottom, trace Jiedi “There Is no technical reserves”! States turn five countries alone six thIs one has put a lot of Car prices shut out, and look to the future as the New York GM Buick has already begun technical layout.

released the first variable cylinder turbocharged 2.0T engine from SAIC-GM-start, they concern by consumers. ThIs variable cylinder engine 2.0T Is SAIC-GM Ecotec engine family’s first eighth-generation products. Eighth-generation Ecotec engine family Is GM’s all-new generation of intelligent and efficient modular engine, according to the world’s most stringent emIssions and fuel economy standards development, industry-leading single-cylinder optimal development concept, the new modular architecture, introduced the world’s first variable Tripower valve management technology, ATM active thermal management system for electronic + pump module electrically controlled ball valve, mounted 35Mpa high-pressure injection technology innovation, the whole variable dIsplacement oil pump, an electric dIscharge turbocharger, intelligent active electrically controlled pump canIster and other intelligent mechatronics technology to optimize power performance, improve efficiency, fully meet the stringent emIssion regulations in the country six b, which Is Why New York GM Buick dare to promIse a long warranty reasons.

Smart advantage Is that the modular engine may be derived from a variety of engine dIsplacement, such as SAIC 2.0T, 1.3T, 1.0T engine, covering almost all Buick models, these models allow for efficient power, low fuel consumption, low emIssions, and fully meet the stringent emIssions standards of the country’s six B, let Buick models ahead of the competition at the technical level, we can see the core technology for vehicles the importance of enterprIses! Having said that, what special technical highlights of the eighth generation Ecotec engine family have it?

350bar high-pressure injection system

Consumers engine high pressure oil passage not understand, do not understand 350bar pressure represents what. Simply speaking, most of the high-pressure direct injection engine oil pressure between 150bar-200 bar, while the eighth line EcotecColumn engine oil pressure up to 350bar nearly double the ordinary engine, it also means 350bar pressure Will bring better fuel atomization, coupled with the high-precIsion fuel injectors, fuel particle diameter of 8 microns, to achieve better combustion , higher thermal efficiency, while the effect of reducing emIssions. Each focuses on a single piece have completed nearly 500 million cycles endurance test and the suitability test a variety of oil, to ensure the reliability of the fuel system.

the ATM active thermal management system

The thermal management system can improve the thermal efficiency of the engine, SAIC common set of active thermal management system using the world’s first electronic + pump module electrically controlled ball valve, the ball valve directly controls the pump speed and the angle of the intelligent thermal management module by the ECU, intelligently, precIsely control the flow rate of each loop cooling system , and thus meet the precIse management of the system of heat, achieve rapid warm-up, the oil Is heated, cooled down function, improve engine efficiency and reduce emIssions. Compared to other thermal management systems, efficiency of its work efficient, accurate.

Electric dIscharge Turbocharger

When the driver Turbo, when, to always feel the power of irregularity, because the turbo response was not quick enough, not timely intake pressure corresponding to the throttle opening variation caused by, while eighth-generation Ecotec engine family uses electric dIscharge valve turbo pressure, conditions can be achieved in the whole opening time and the precIse control of the degree of opening of the purge valve, a more accurate and fast establIshment of boost pressure, reducing pumping loss at low speed low load, thus improving fuel economy. Important Is that it can take into account the working conditions low speed high torque and high-speed high-power.

In addition to the core technology mentioned above, there are many new techniques are used, such as intelligent active electrically controlled pump canIster it Is also the world’s first application of electronic pumps, upgrading of gasoline vapors from the traditional passive to active desorption desorption. Of course, in addition to the engine, transmIssion choice Is also very important, the current vehicle power systems are coordinated to match, transmIssion efficiency also decided to power systems. In short, SAIC-GM-Buick in the global manufacturing systemIn quality control, not only of the powertrain comprehensive quality test, but also to monitor the quality of the five basic elements from an operator, machine, material, and production process for each product for environment, quality stability understood . SAIC-GM-Buick dare to promIse, “8-year 160,000 km warranty” to prove its core strength Is strong enough.

dual-engine attack

In 5G upcoming commercial background, Car networking as the SAIC-GM-Buick two engines, continue to provide consumers with intelligent network services. Buick brand in early 2019 to provide free bundled 24G each year for its OnStar vehicle user, not the speed of the Car with OnStar OnStar application traffic free lifetime service. 2020 Buick Is further OnStar OnStar 4G Car with free lifetime traffic expansion application to 100G, suitable for all applications except for vehicles with WiFi hotspot, and the old and new owners can enjoy thIs flow to upgrade every year, again for the consumer bring a real sense of well-being.

At present, New York GM new generation Telematics system has been used in the new generation of Buick models, can provide consumers with cloud music, radio clouds, cloud navigation, cloud Telematics services such as voice assIstant, and as technology iteration, like remote OTA upgrade, the virtual keys, micro-channel Internet capabilities, the team features the exclusive account and a series of Car linked functions are also expected to Carry on more Buick’s models. SAIC-GM-Buick showed strength in networking for the Car, the Car exact needs of young consumers in the UN General Assembly intelligent network trend, Buick Will play their first attack soft power to the extreme, not only for consumers with better Car experience, but also enhance the competitiveness of its products.

Summary: worth a recognized brand must have two kinds of strength. One Is hard power, such as the core technology engine gearbox, industry-leading quality control system and advanced manufacturing processes, product absolute power to win consumer recognition; the second Is soft power, such as advanced vehicle networking, high-quality Car-machine interactive systems, the quality of science and technology in order to win consumer attention. SAIC-GM-Buick combines both strength, dual-engine attack must win consumers alike. Do not forget, SAIC-GM-Buick am committed 8 years or 160,000 kilometers longWarranty, enough to prove its confidence in its own products.