Handsome and practical “hatchback”, Why always praIsed?

In our country, sedan than the hatchback Is more likely to be accepted, thIs Is an indIsputable fact, but due to the difference between the hatchback rear styling, we can often see in the hatchback Car hatchback design, but in many sedan Car, we see very few such models.

In fact, the classification Is concerned, a lot of the hatchback trunk open the way should be called “mortgage-back”, which has specialized in foreign EnglIsh name: Lliftback. (EnglIsh name: Hatchback) hatchback vehicle positioning, its trunk open requires a certain angle, and the hatchback Is the overall title, which includes mortgage-back models, so we can say that the use of hatchback It Is hatchback, but we can not say sedan uses a mortgage-back.

hatchback body style aesthetically speaking, are far better than the conventional sedan more beautiful, more sporty and hatchback trunk opening Is far more conventional sedan trunk opening greater convenience items as well as up and down the trunk space ratio Is also greatly improved.

hatchbacks masterpiece about: Skoda Octavia, speed camp, Volkswagen CC, the Audi A5, A7, Porsche Parra Mela and so on.

However, in real life, people hatchback body acceptance was not quite that big, we seem to be more Willing to accept that the traditional sedan Car with a tail shape , the reason Is probably still have to find a cause from the hatchback body himself.

1, the high cost

Is the shape of the rear hatchback column C from a vertical to a swash style, although thIs change so that the whole body Is even more beautiful, but also brought change to the force structure of the body. If the same material, stress and deformation chance inclined C-pillar to C-pillar Is much higher than vertical, so I want to ensure the safety of the rear of the hatchback Car prices must be Carried out to enhance the C-pillar steel, improve it stiffness and strength, which Will bring an increase in cost.

Therefore, we can easily explain Why similar priced hatchback, its configuration or power, etc.More than traditional rear styling of the Car Is slightly less.

2, safety coefficient

in front of said hatchback Is necessary to increase the stiffness of steel C-pillar and inclined strength, then due to the unique design of the rotation axIs of the hatchback model, the trunk would be too close to the top of the roof, which allows the rear hatchback body when subjected to lateral impact, as it can not be the traditional sedan rear, the entire rear can effectively buffer the impact force. Further, generally difficult hatchback lateral impact beam in the rear of the assembly, while its anti-whole frame also requires a higher impact strength than conventional sedan rear.

3, inhibition of detrimental noIse

From the aerodynamic point, the traditional sedan Car that butt, can rear air, rainwater play a guiding role, but the hatchback’s rear styling in thIs regard Will be weaker. In particular, the rear hatchback Is easy to form a vacuum region, which makes the vehicle in front and rear have a greater turbulence, so we can see almost all of the hatchback or hatchback models are equipped with a rear wiper (not Is substantially less with), the reason Is that turbulence Is easily rear rainwater, muddy water volume to the rear windshield.

However, we can also see some of the hatch at the rear hatchback or Will add a tail, its purpose Is to suppress the negative effects of the rear air flow, prevents air turbulence at the rear mIschief.

Therefore, it Is precIsely because the hatchback style rear air flow inhibition Is not enough, these Cars often wind noIse Will be larger than some of the traditional sedan, and because three and the tail section passengers Xiangche are separated, and the noIse of the traditional sedan Cars Will be relatively small.

In summary, the hatchback styling of the Car although the appearance of fashion, sports, and has a high trunk utilization, but it cost, safety, practicality, etc. performance but not as good as ordinary sedan, so the results of the consumer vote with the wallet, the hatchback styling of the Car now basically only a small public appearance models selling Bale.