Guy from Dubai scrap yard, he bought a Ford Mustang, opened the door heart barely dIsguIsed pleasure!

Hello, everyone, small to give us today’s topic Is: guy from Dubai scrap yard, bought a Ford Mustang, opened the door heart barely dIsguIsed pleasure!

in the Dubai market, specifically there Is an area to place luxury Cars, which are scrapped Cars are almost all Car accident, but because of different brands, different condition, so the price Is completely different, so the Indian guy came to the junkyard, want cheaper, to buy scrap Cars. First spotted an Audi A6 2.0T interior of preserved, but the main frame side airbag burst, only the right-hand front crowd vehicle by the impact, vIsually, there Is no engine damage.

next to an old section of the Range Rover Sport, the Car can not see where there Is injury, it appears that the number of kilometers too much too old, then guy Is attracted to a beautiful Ford Mustang, the Car looks very new, the latest Mustang should be, but unfortunately door was locked, small group of children instantly Mustang grass, so continue to find the target.

ThIs time hIs eyes locked on both the Mustang, Mustang are two 2.3T version, a convertible version, an elite version, which Condition quite decorative, and hard roof apparently relatively cheaper, because the hand Is not well-off, so the young man finally decided to buy thIs silver Mustang, open the rear door heart barely dIsguIsed pleasure! Well, today’s share on here, junior partner What do you think? Welcome Message dIscuss below the comment section