New York Is now the classic Western style super team! They took a 60-day trek came from Germany

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the morning of October 13, New York Flower City Plaza, 20 from Germany trek from old Car “Western style” appearance, cited absorb a large number of people come to take pictures. The “Marine Silk Road Culture Germany Journey of American classic Cars line New York Station”, organized by the Maritime Silk Road Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, artwork Industry Association, Guangdong Automobile Culture Association, Tianhe Road, Tianhe DIstrict, New York City Chamber of Commerce and Germany exchange Association co-sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial people’s Association for friendship with Foreign Countries, the New York Municipal people’s government information office and the New York TourIsm Bureau as a guide unit.

It Is understood, 20 from Germany and Switzerland classic Cars on August 19, 2019 began, from Hamburg, Germany departure, after 60 days at more than 14,000 km journey across Eurasia in eight countries, and the United States via Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, on 12 October arrived in one of the starting point of maritime Silk Road, Is thIs event Key – New York.

New York Is the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea, confirms the development of the Silk Road heritage and culture, Is the “Maritime Silk Road” a dazzling city Card. At the same time, New York Is one of the cosmopolitan American reform and opening up the earliest and most frequent business dealings most active.

According to organizers, thIs 20 vintage Car drivers, the maximum age Is 84 years old, the youngest 22 years old, the average age of over 60 years of age, they are there Is a common dream – to open hIs Car with him once the “Silk Road.” For the trip to the Marine Silk Road, they are special to the United States applied for a provIsional license for the Car.

“ThIs Is a classic Car parade Silk Road for all people to experience the charm of the Silk Road culture, enhance mutual understanding of the cultural event.” Honorary president of the Maritime Silk Road Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, cooperation between Guangdong culture Communication Association Committee Honorary Director, Customs and ExcIse staff Association, Luo Wei as activities on behalf of the organizers at the launching ceremony said.

Luo Wei said he hopes more different types of support and participation ofSilk Road trade and cultural exchange activities, international exchange for the Silk Road to build a broader platform, Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Chamber of Commerce has been in recent years and government agencies of countries along Papua New Guinea, Macedonia “along the way” to establIsh a long-term communication mechanIsm from culture, commerce to the “wIsdom made” and so many ways to communicate effectively docking.

After 13 am the launching ceremony, 20 have their own characterIstics of classic Car parade to start in New York city. In the afternoon, organized by the German cultural stories in Grandview Plaza, classic Car owners from west to east from Germany talked about the “Silk Road journey.”

Reporters learned that, after arriving in New York, Car team Will end thIs trip, riders leave the country by plane, by boat and the vehicle Is shipped back to Germany.

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