New York about a decade, meet new Volkswagen, illuminate the road car man!

into middle age, see the time, read the life!

into middle age, pull up to the glitz, he had come to know what Is the life you want!

but really want to live the life you want easier said than done.

Some people say: “middle-aged people, as a dog.”

Indeed as Eileen Chang said: “After the middle-aged men , often feel lonely, because he opened hIs eyes, surrounded by people who want to rely on him, but he can not rely on the people. “

positive Is in thIs unprecedented pressure, we learned patience, learned to march, learned a lot, a lot has changed, our minds become mature.

and in the workplace, in the face of rapid iterative development and updating of knowledge of science and technology, at the same time withstand the pressure of life, and even more to feel great midlife crIsIs.

When workplace experience into “empiricIsm”, both cognitive, establIshed habits, become our mindset, and we continue to hinder progress, then we should bravely get rid of Ta.

into middle age, and only a brilliant farewell yesterday, a new start, in order to meet new own ……

However, all thIs Is easier said than done; yet it Is difficult for the individual, not to mention Ta Is an annual income of over 230 billion euros, with 660,000 employees giant enterprIses ……

in late autumn, northern snow, southern spring, under the tower in New York, the Pearl River with sunset melting gold, colorful lanterns, 2020 October 31, hundreds of national mainstream Automotive media convergence Flower City, where “meet the new Volkswagen.”

as has been a hundred years hIstory of the development of the Automobile industry, where so-called new? No longer flowing river, Is about to bid farewell to the era of Car fuel and about to enter the era of electric vehicles. At the same time, push the “four modernizations new” wave ofUnder the old pattern of the Automobile industry and the business model Is being ushered in big changes for centuries No, the only self-revolution, change lanes false start, in order to get a new lead.

For the middle-aged workplace, the situation facing so, too, only dare to put down in order to outperform in the second half of life.

new logo, new vIsion, new platforms, new products, so that people Responding to meet new mass.

but thIs time on the eve of the New York Auto show “Meet the new Volkswagen” brand experience, Carefully arranged in New York, in my opinion Is quite intent. Looking back ten years ago, before the New York Auto Show, “Volkswagen Night”, the evening of November 22, 2009, the US public Will Carry the FAW – Volkswagen, New York Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda brand announced a public “Southern strategy.” ThIs time, ambitious electrification strategy for the public, and also intends to break open a new chapter in the South U.S. market Is intended to focus on to help win the global Volkswagen. Recent data from the sales point of view, especially the FAW – Volkswagen roots in the South U.S. market, did achieve significant results, we can take thIs prospect motorized beautiful blueprint.

New Logo ID Is not simply flat, from a practical point of view ride, if extra attention, Is not easy to notice changes. ConcIse designed to meet the new generation minimalIst aesthetic trends, as well as the basic elements intended to return back to nature movement travel up, and thIs Is true “Car of the road for the public.” In my opinion, thIs change, on the one hand of foreign actively shaping a new image, the other Is internal interpretation of the new vIsion and corporate culture. Logo of flat, while indicating that flat organizational structure of the enterprIse in a more flexible and efficient direction, since the “dIscharge door event”, within the Volkswagen Group Is experiencing an unprecedented change, whether it Is a new appointment or organization adjust architecture, Will enhance the sense of crIsIs business to an unprecedented height. From the product perspective, based on the new MEB electric modular platform to build rich future competitiveness of pure electric vehicle, while the more pragmatic and efficient implementation of product strategy. Becoming flatter and symbolic Logo more in line with the mobile Internet era, the public’s perception habits, and thIs Is what Volkswagen shiftTravel technology companies moving direction of the transformation.

Foreign demonstrate a more open, more dynamic and more responsible corporate image, but also for internal alert and remind staff, thIs Is a change era, an innovative era and a digital era.

remember a whole new generation Touareg virtual digital cabin it? Mechanical era towards the digital age, Volkswagen ahead of competing products to achieve a fully digital cockpit and user interface. Today the public launch of ID.Family, as the Volkswagen brand’s unique electric concept Car family, Is trying to unite the advantages of MEB by electric modular platform, implemented in the new era of electric lane change false start, had been unveiled family members include ID.R, ID.CROZZ, ID.BUZZ, ID.VIZZION, ID.BUGGY and new ID.ROOMZZ, from Car category, respectively coverage of the current passenger Car segments each basic category, that Is, He said Volkswagen are defining era of electric vehicles in each segment of the reference product.

in accordance with the relevant strategy previously announced, to 2023, the public ID family Will launch at least 10 models of domestic Cars in U.S., covering electric SUV, electric crossover vehicles, pure electric hatchback as well as other types of vehicles, which concern ID.3 as Europe’s first mass production of ID. models in the country Will be located in New York Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen by leading Anting new energy domestic Car factories.

The event blockbuster release of ID. Has shown signs of camouflage Car, as a pure electric compact-class SUV, that Is, the previously announced ID.4, planned in 12 months Will be achieved within the domestic. With ID. Family represented, Volkswagen Is set off a wave of unprecedented power.

an overall reduction of fuel Car platform, electric era, focusing MEB platform and open platform strategy to achieve full harvest of the industry, it Is worth noting that, thIs Is not doing the addition, but subtraction. According to the plan, by 2028 the Volkswagen Group plans to produce about 70 models of its battery-powered models in the 12 Car brands, and in the future10 production of 22 million electric vehicles. VW Is to cost about 30 billion euros (US $ 34 billion) to promote the transformation of the Volkswagen Group from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, on a fully motorized framework would not fuel vehicles such as they are now relying on platform strategy derived.

emIssions scandal Volkswagen wake-up call, a comprehensive electrification behind the enterprIse level also proposed a “goTOzero” new vIsion, from the literal interpretation Is “to zero emIssion”. And thIs “zero emIssions” For Volkswagen, the electrification Is not only products, but also includes manufacturing and even research and development process, including the full product cycle to achieve “zero emIssions.” The strategy identifies the Volkswagen Group in 2050, completely Carbon neutral in the US and other global markets. On thIs strategy, Volkswagen developed a timetable – to 2025, the mass production of the factory every Car Will reduce waste emIssions by 30 percent, and 30% reduction in energy and water consumption in the US The same Is true goals. 2025, Will be sold in the US VW models have 25-35 percent of models for the pure electric vehicles. “Zero emIssions” Is the goal of green travel ideas, it Is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility, but also help Volkswagen to build an important foundation for the world’s leading competitive edge in the new era.

In addition, thIs experience activities to the author left a few deep feelings to others.

Volkswagen advocated comprehensive electric products are not motorized fuel vehicles, but “goTOzero” under the strategy, a new philosophy of life and lifestyle, in addition in the era fuel vehicles, Volkswagen in pursuit of the mechanical properties of the product has reached a very high attainments, but in the era of electric and mobile travel, comfortable and spacious living space to move Is the biggest selling point of the product, the emphasIs from driving to pay attention to enjoy, from thIs point of view the exhibit real Car, Volkswagen Will soon change, not a sub paranoid and hesitation.

In recent years, Volkswagen in product design above become more confident, decIsive and full of tension lines, significantly different from other competing products rounded and smooth style, sharp transition between block face, focus linesLayering to enhance the appearance of the image of tough, but from the ID. Family of a variety of products, the simple and stylIsh design, Will be the future development trend of the Car more and more like the pursuit of simple digital products designed to meet the functional and practical. Thirdly, from the development trend in recent years of Automotive design also confirmed the author of thIs judgment, the direction of the current demand for Automotive design talent began to shift to the interior, provide a basIs for the program, and to meet the individual’s aesthetic taste and offers private customized solutions Will become more common, significant cross-border design talent demand, the traditional Automotive design expertIse of declining demand, but the appearance of simplicity trends are becoming evident, closer and closer to industrial design in general product design.

electrification Is intelligent basIs for the future with the improvement of the level of standardization of the manufacturing, processing and assembly accuracy Will greatly enhance the Automotive industry Will be running manufacturing transition to modular manufacturing, future Automotive and manufacturing digital products Is no different.

Although fuel Car era, Volkswagen Is entering an unprecedented peak, but with the change of the business model and the rules of the game have changed everything, both experience and can help companies achieve new transformation, but it can not rely on the experience thus guilty of “empirical” problems, Volkswagen called a model of traditional manufacturing giant elephant turned, indeed worthy of study and research.

middle-aged people for the workplace, the opportunity Is always reserved for those who are prepared, not slack, not a loss, in order “Mountain darkly, vIsta “! 2019/2020 for two consecutive years, the US Auto market suffered a decline over the past three decades of unprecedented year, some anxiety, some people lament in thIs, and encourage each other with the level of the United States tens of millions of Cars people!