Great Wall rare decline in car sales, for the first time Changan Automobile contrarian surge

from January to November US new Car sales 23.11 million, down 9.1% year on year; Great Wall Motors November sales 115,200, down 13.08 percent year on year; Changan Automobile sales in November It was 176,400, an increase of 12.57%; court approval of a reorganization plan * ST huge company reorganization and termination procedures.

January-November new vehicle sales of 23.11 million, down 9.1% year

December 10, the American Automobile Manufacturers Association Automotive Industry data released in November. In November, the US Auto production increased, sales continued to decline year on year decline. Production and sales were completed 2.593 million and 2.457 million, growth of 13% and 7.6%, respectively, production increased by 3.8% year on year sales fell 3.6%, year on year sales decline last month narrowed 0.5 percentage points.

from January to November, Car sales were completed 23,038,000 and 23,110,000, production and sales fell by 9% and 9.1%, respectively, production and sales decline of more than January-October narrowed by 1.4 and 0.6 percentage points.

K-line quick assessment: two consecutive years of declining sales, when Will the steady rIse!

well-off shares: November sales up by 30%

Nov. well-off shares Automobile production 38 200, an increase of 24.36% ; sales of 36,500, an increase of 30.14%. January to November, a total of 281,400 Automobile production, down 11.79 percent year on year; cumulative sales of 281,300, down 8.22 percent year on year.

RAP K line: Although sales in November has been warmer, but the first 11 months of serious decline.

Changan Automobile: November sales up by 12.57%

In November, Changan Auto sold 176,400, compared to 156,700 vehicles, an increase of12.57%. The first 11 months of thIs year, the company’s total vehicle sales of 1,566,300, down 18.71 percent year on year.

RAP K line: either dropped or rose.

Great Wall Motor: November Car sales drop 13%

Great Wall Motors November sales of 115,200, down 13.08 percent year on year; 11 production of 118,700 in January, down 11.84 percent year on year. January to November, the cumulative sales of 954,300, an increase of 3.81%; total output of 962,700, an increase of 4.94%.

RAP K Line: Great Wall Motor has always been a solid performance, thIs Is how.

Foton: for the first time to buy back shares of 617 million shares

December 9, Foton Motor centralized auction trading for the first time to buy back shares 617.02 million shares, buy the highest price of 2.05 yuan / share, the lowest price 2.03 yuan / share, has paid a total amount of 12,538,500 yuan.

RAP K line: commercial focus courage to repurchase.

kept the fire hazards, Ford recalled 547,538 Super Duty pickup

December 13, Ford Motor Co. said it would in the United States, Canada and Mexico recall 547 538 Super Duty pickups, there are fire hazards due to the interior of the vehicle after the accident.

Ford said the recall involves certain models between 2019 and 2020, these vehicles may be Carpet caught fire after the collIsion occurred. In the affected vehicles, the accident occurred after the collIsion the front seat belt pretensioners may cause excessive sparking and possibly cause a fire.

RAP K line: rIsing star Is also troublesome.

from Germany’s BMW favor, three flowers ITES subsidiary won orders for 600 million yuan(CNY)(CNY)

ITES three flowers three flowers wholly owned subsidiary of steam Is determined to be zero two German BMW mainstream platform CLAR / fAAR-WE suppliers, which ETXV project Is the exclusive worldwide supplier, Chiller + EXV exclusive supply project for the United States, the lifetime total sales of about 600 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), the relevant models are expected in 2022 volume production.

RAP K line: long-term performance Is guaranteed.

Gan Feng Li industry: signing long-term supply agreement with BMW of Germany

Recently, Gan Feng Li industry and a wholly owned subsidiary Gan Feng international and BMW signed a “long-term supply agreement” to determine the company and Jiangxi Feng international Will be in 2020–2024 years specified in the BMW battery cathode material supplier or the variety and number of specific supply lithium chemical products, according to the price adjusted for changes in market prices. The two sides establIsh a long-term strategic partnership to meet the needs of key raw materials for lithium battery production BMW.

RAP K Line: Gan Feng Li industry shares opened higher again?

* ST huge: the courts approve the company restructuring plan

Court approved the restructuring plan * ST huge company reorganization and termination procedures. Restructuring plan shows that debt has been declared, the total debt of verification by the first meeting of creditors and confirmed by the Tangshan Intermediate People’s Court ruled to 16.971 billion yuan.

K Line Express Comment: * ST huge hurry to find a good buyer now.

del shares into Getrag DCT gearbox motor supplier project

del shares recently received GETRAG (Jiangxi) TransmIssion Ltd. notice, the company was designated as a motor and clutch shift motor supplier DCT gearbox project. GETRAG Is the world’s leading manufacturer of gearboxes, the company has been in the motor plate layout for many years, thIs success Is to enhance the company’s fixed-point brushless motor business.

RAP K line: really compete AT?

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