GMC entire vehicle interior conversion upgrade Guiyang extraordinary craftsmen classic perfect presents

with a hidden bar, fingerprint safe, intelligent control desk, Alcantara (ultra-luxury Cars, luxury brand) Suede roof, can improve safety performance. It Is definitely a perfect choice for commercial vehicles.

It uses the Maybach design and integration off the Automatic adjustment section, thIs classic beige modified significantly understated style high-end, foot board also uses wood floor luxury yacht, to coincide with Halloween coming, elegance, quality, easy Care, that allows easy operation of the vehicle functions in the mobile terminal man-machine engineering design, and finally, what kind of monsters and monsters no exception , thIs steering wheel, diamond needle and thread sewing design of luxury saddle armrest, with its variety of interior styles, the GMC Will always dIstinguIshed luxury highlight the place

ThIs increases the sense of technology and beauty. In addition to luxury, it Is more comfortable. In addition, it Is equipped with heating, ventilation, air massage, a key telescopic leg support function, to bring the whole Car luxury noble feeling generous appearance, quality and durability, and its sides are covered with black leather it combines elegant, comfortable and easy to Care for a variety of functions in one. With its high cost and excellent performance, stability, appearance of the atmosphere, safety and excellent reliability

and the vehicle interior floor materials beige leather cover. Beautiful top starlight as lighting or atmospheric adjustment selection. Red leather top, after modification, Will be more vibrant and dynamic. ThIs intimate design desk Will bring you unlimited convenience. Button has a ceiling HD LCD dIsplay, the body Will be more fully utilize the interior space of precIsion machinery technology, the choice elites

level clock yacht, understand your needs, IOS whole Car remote control system: with t-acme mobile client, diamond needle sewing manual techniques for the match, taking into account all the journey may be involved, bring extraordinary sensory charm, two row seats can be switched between a push-bar and individual seats, GMC as a professional MPV.

deerskin imported into the ceiling, bringing first-class comfort. GMC has long been considered a man of many talents. I feel very comfortable, and more than once. Anyway feel overbearing. Not only in function, as well as in the red shock when opening the door. Have a key to open and memory function. It’s really “beautiful”, after modification, and covered with red leather.

The third row of luxurious touch / dual-mode smart button interactive systems to meet the leIsure, business travel demand such as: a touch screen button double entity mode control, easy and audiovIsual systems, lighting systems, the seat functions, interactive intelligent voice control system hidden interior equipment, after the Car window shades and other devices

by voice control all functions of the Car, after the full release of cabin space, but not immortal demon, worthy of the dignity of the GMC itself, leIsure and more convenient, but hidden in the armrest of a key regulation Is subject to industry professionals praIse, under the red high-grade leather package, increase the body’s luxury and delicious.