Germany’s largest car company – Volkswagen (2)

By 1965, the company has produced 1000 “Beetle” Car, and after seven years, Volkswagen “Beetle” to replace the US Ford’s famous Model T, to become the world’s largest selling Car . With the best-selling “Beetle” Car, Volkswagen has grown into a powerful world Automobile manufacturing group, followed in many countries, Spain, the Czech Republic and Mexico have establIshed Automobile production facilities and sales companies.

In 1965 and subsequent years, Volkswagen has acquired “Audi” and several Car companies, a large German Automobile manufacturing group forming a. Germany’s Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Brunswick, Hanover, Kassel, Emden and Salzgitter have built factories, it became a symbol of Germany’s postwar economic miracle. Following the “Beetle” Car, Volkswagen achieved in 1980 and mass production of four-wheel drive passenger Cars, introduced in the 1980s the world’s best-selling “Golf” Car, making it Europe’s largest Car dealer.

80’s and 90’s, marking the public Is further overseas expansion, particularly in Eastern Europe and the United States, where public to occupy 56% market share topping the Automotive industry in 1991 through the acquIsition of SEAT and the Czech Republic’s Skoda in Spain, Volkswagen formed a new structure under the multi-brand strategy. As Europe’s largest Automobile manufacturing group, into the hands of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles board of directors and other independent brands under its management rights.

In 1992, Volkswagen and Toyota formed a sales community, to ensure that each other’s Car sales in their respective countries.

In 1998, after Volkswagen acquired the Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, the concept of the public began to be through to the production of luxury Cars and superCars in.

year Volkswagen’s headquarters had moved to Berlin and Is still Wolfsburg. Today, Volkswagen Is the world’s fifth largest Car maker, Europe’s largest Carmaker. 202004 Volkswagen sales of 89 billion euros, with about 12% of the world Car market share, annual production reached about 5 million vehicles. Volkswagen Car in the world has 13 production subsidiaries, Is one of the world’s largest company employees, has a staff of about 32.4 million people, dIstributed in 43 working points on five continents.

It has been said of Volkswagen, said it was “not looking for a series of new designs, regardless of how these designs are dramatic and seductive, but to achieve mature and perfect no matter how difficult even the smallest details of reasonable improvements have to do. “in fact, thIs Is Volkswagen’s the secret of success.