Geely Automobile Interview: US Will continue to foster designer

[2019 New York Auto manufacturers Interview] April 25, Guy Burgoyne, vice president of Geely New York Style Center, Peter Huo Buli senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group designed to accept love Card interview at the New York Auto show. Guy Burgoyne said: “The United States Is still a very young industry, then in Europe and America has been very mature Geely already has gathered many outstanding designers of international design team, and we are very quickly trained a group of American design. divIsion, so far we have two vice president of the United States in our design team inside, there are a lot of managers are American designers. we Will continue to cultivate the future. “

media: want two designers were talking about the new Borei GE with the new SUV concept Car, designed to retain something than before, what innovative things?

Peter Huo Buli: the front more atmospheric, more three-dimensional front grille, tail more elegant, more contours. Lights and more modern, and very fresh. The biggest change Is the Bory GE’s interior Is new, we added a lot of new technology elements. Over the past few years, from the first generation of Brilliant Bo and more started, plus a lot of design elements into the design of the roads go more and more confident, more courageous.

Guy Burgoyne : ICON concept Car Is a very bold exploration, in the original basIs, we extend some of the exIsting design concept, which Is the we once more serious exploration and research. ICON Is not our only a concept Car, in the future there Will be more exploration. Almost all of us have a cell phone, we now new technology Is very loving feeling, but also more Willing to have more interaction with technology. I do feel they can hold a cup cup bags of it, Why not do a little more sophIsticated and more diverse? The ICON concept Car Is doing some inspiration from our original technology, there Will be more attempts should be followed.

At a press conference just now you may have seen, in fact, our ICONIs a description of some of the most basic elements, we also put thIs ICON elements into GE’s Brilliant inside to do a good extension.

so we can hope that it’s not just a passenger Car, we added a lot of digital elements to make it more colorful, more sense of technology.

Media : I would like to ask Mr. Peter, we know that there are many international design team ranks among the lucky, American designer in training future Geely What plan?

Peter Huo Buli : In fact, in thIs area we have a lot of plans. Because the design of thIs thing, particularly in the Automotive design industry, then in the United States Is still a very young industry, in Europe and the words have been very mature. Geely already has gathered many outstanding designers of international design team, and we are very quickly trained a group of American designers, so far we have two vice president in our design team inside the United States, as well as many managers are American designers. In the future we Will continue to cultivate.

Media : Brilliant GE Is a new energy vehicles, in the design of there thinking of ways to reflect the identity of its new energy sources, with general fuel vehicles What Is the difference, including deliberately to reflect thIs in the details of what the Car?

Guy Burgoyne : In fact, we did not specifically go to new energy vehicles and conventional gasoline vehicles to make a difference, because now thIs Is hybrid models, but when we do in the future pure electric elements in thIs regard should be very particular reflected. Current hybrid models, or to take into account the space inside the engine.

Peter Huo Buli: Now the whole Auto industry from traditional Cars to electric Cars transitional phase, not a genuine era of electric vehicles, such as in pure thIs tram can also see thIs transition, customers expect the electric Car Is what, and electric Cars can be doneThere Is a difference, we expect pure electric Cars have a big change, such as the front cabin ThIs section Is for the needs of the collIsion, the driver protection and so on. If you later do not need gasoline engines, then you can make a change, we look forward to in the future design Will reflect some changes.

Media : I want to ask a designer troublesome Issue, how to “elements of the United States” Is more appropriate, more beautifully integrated into the new Car designs? Then you think of thIs localization Is designed to have any positive impact on American consumers and the market?

Peter Huo Buli: I always thought the elements of our own cultures into the design were to go, Will always be a more active, better mode. In fact, let’s look at the Car, then the world, as there are elements of French Car inside France, Germany Car before a long period of time inside, including Mercedes-Benz had to pursue very luxurious, shiny feel, now back to that species Is very sturdy German Car concept. The same Japanese Cars, they had previously been to copy some elements in Europe and America, lost their own concept, and now they return to their elements, but to make their Cars more attractive.

At present, these elements directly to the United States of America building temples, palaces and other applications to Automotive design also take some time. But we can start from the details, especially when we see something in more in-depth understanding, after observing the details Will find some American culture inside. Brilliant like GE have a Car stereo grille, rough look may be a cover, look, there are some elements of the US pattern on the inside.

Guy Burgoyne : I had a lot of work with Peter at the depot before, Is added to the value of the product inside the brand, so the brand can reflect the origin of the information, a plus for the brand, the same reason, the United States can do similar. ThIs process Is like a precIse menu, like cooking can not add taste very heavy, become excessive accumulation of elements of the US state, we want a just right of the menu. The first Is a product of our international brand, in leadingBrands, products also take the international route, we have introduced an element of the United States when, in fact, add chili cook just like you, like, can not add a lot to the whole dIsh all destroyed, so finding a balance, so that customers can tap into when the elements of the United States, but also to appreciate and agree with, be proud and proud of the brand.

Peter Huo Buli: In addition, we found that American consumers are very fond of some of the products with the American culture. Like we were designing Brilliant GE, which Is part of the streamline design inspiration was derived from the fact of Hangzhou West Lake bridge.

in 2013, when we refer to the suture in a cheongsam US models of seat stitching, although we do not have to emphasize, but the Americans at a glance . ThIs Is a very definite element of the United States, while not particularly obvious, and thIs more subtle designs can be accepted by the majority of consumers around the world.

Media : Brilliant GE designed thIs Car from the beginning to now, thIs Car how considerations in the design of thIs crowd positioning and design of Car models, designed from the start to now there Is no change?

Peter Huo Buli: From the technological point of view, we can see that in recent years has undergone enormous changes, if we do not make change, we Will fall behind, so we are one step ahead. From brands, Geely as its own brand, Is the first to realize the importance of thIs change. Geely not only the requirements of body proportions, shape and appearance, such language Is very high demands on quality are very high, we can see from the vehicle quality vIsual effects to the details of the selection, whether from a tactile or vIsual, can reflect high standard, which Is an important factor auspicious able to stand out.

In addition, our major customer groups are 80 and 90, these young people are familiar with the speed of change. In my own personal experience as an example, I was born before televIsion popularity, after that time with the TV, I’ve been watching black and white TV, but now televIsion has undergone enormous changes, such as re-phones and other electronic now productsChange, really Is changing, so our customer base has high expectations for changes in consumption thIs high-speed, precIsion products and their complexity also have high demands. They usually Will focus on European and American brands, so naturally the American brand Will have the same expectations. As I also said, Geely Is the first to realize the importance of changes in Automotive manufacturers, as well as in the design of the Car industry to achieve, our reaction speed Is very fast, and our brand Is to keep the US and European markets competing models.

Guy Burgoyne : do the design Is like a sponge, we need to continue to learn some new elements, new information to do our design. The final design Is a must to be able to very accurately to meet customer needs, in thIs case until one second before the final design Is completed, we Will continue to adjust. For example GE Brilliant body color and interior color and material choices, we have to stay until the last second to come to a decIsion. Because we want to make sure that our choice Is the latest and most in line with customer needs, so we need to continue to lIsten and continue to draw some experience out before making a decIsion.

Media : What Future Geely Automobile plans in the new energy?

Peter Huo Buli: We definitely have a lot of plans in thIs regard. In the future we Will be more elements of the new energy into our designs, especially after all-electric vehicles become. But we do not easily dIsclose more details to you.