Future public, to develop MEB platform, future models have relied on

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ID Volkswagen Cars first appeared at the 2016 ParIs Motor Show, and now ID.3 models have been put into operation, with the size of golf, battery powered hatchback also appeared in the recent Frankfurt Motor show, which Is a public company based on its latest modular platform built MEB models, Is the public ID Cars in the first member.

It Is named ID.3 Is very profound meaning, it Is not just on behalf of the compact Car market Is the third of the market. He also represents the model ID Is the third chapter of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Beetle models for the foundation, golf Car to bring it to the modern Car market, and ID models are representing Volkswagen explore the future of the Automotive market, Beetle, Golf, ID represents the three models of Volkswagen’s past, present and future.

ID models not just a dIstinctive Volkswagen, but also a different type of electric vehicles. Now on the face of the electric vehicle market concerns about electric vehicles – battery life Is short, long charging time, expensive. Volkswagen wants to gradually resolve these concerns.

ID.3 no significant changes during the transition from concept to full production in. It has the same size and four golf hatchback, but its interior space Is much larger, because of its electric power system footprint than the turbocharged four-cylinder engine Is smaller. A battery positioned under the floor, directly after the motor shaft, so everything out of the way. Although it Is a compact Car, but it provides space and a Car almost.

in the vehicle it Is a touch-based screen, infotainment Internet connection, a configurable digital instrument cluster driver, and specifically for an electric vehicle built navigation software. Use the infotainment system Is intuitive, graphical look like from the latest smart phone, rather than from the Car. ID.3 Will accept the air update, where appropriate, Will be permanently and Internet connection. And it reached a three-stage Automatic driving level, but there Is not an Automatic upgrade to a higher leveldrive.

In its life, buyers can choose from three grades, namely 205 (330km), 260 (420km) or 341 (550km ) endurance miles. Followed by matching complete rapid charging techniques charge 160 miles (260km) endurance over 30 minutes. Rear-wheel drive Is standard, but the public can also add a motor to provide an all-wheel-drive mode in the front axle.

Its production Will begin by the end of 2020, the first delivery scheduled for completion in mid-2020. After that every member of the public ID Cars are manufactured platform Will be based on MEB, by thIs convenient and flexible platform for electric vehicles, Volkswagen Will bring more good models for us in the future.

ID.3 Is the first public launch of the next few years, a number of electric vehicles as part of its ongoing electrification offensive. We’ve seen a lot of concept Cars: ID Buzz, ID Vizzion, ID Roomzz, as well as the introduction of ID Croze recent years, the concept Is a trailer for the upcoming production model.

Interestingly, a future member of each family’s future ID Will follow the format name ID.3, which means that we Will see ID.4, ID.5 etc. Wait. Perhaps we can see below the ID.3 models, but at least in the near future and do not have thIs possibility.

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As the third chapter Volkswagen, thIs ID can bring Cars driving experience how consumers , remains to be seen. But Volkswagen’s preparation for the new Car line Is very full, MEB platform Is Volkswagen’s clever layout for a future Car market, with a flexible and convenience can be manufactured in the future a large number of new models for the public company to occupy a larger market .

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