Future development model of the automotive industry – car Big Data

sensor data as a large industry in the essential part of the current appears to have irreplaceable role as a tool to collect all kinds of data, the sensor industry as a whole Is the most unsung That one.

There are many types of sensors are roughly classified into three types, to industry classification, data classification, the classification of utility.

Therefore, do not think the sensor Is a simple tool, but also do not think that a sensor Is enough, a Car above the sensor does not know how much each of the sensors in silence play its role.

such as GPS navigation, but also such as crankshaft position sensor, such as water temperature and sensors that affect all aspects of the Car to protect the safety of drivers and passengers.

In fact, in the past, those who only have a sensor in the high-end Cars, but with advances in technology, sensors on the Car gradually began widespread use on a variety of vehicles.

There Is no doubt, according to thIs trend continues, there Will be more and the more feature-rich sensors applied to the Automobile, such as unmanned vehicles, and such anti-side collIsion function, which are necessary to be able to transmit the data by the sensor.

The basic principle of the sensor so what Is it? In fact, not so complicated, nothing more than collecting data from external conditions, and provide data to other functional devices, the most important Is the computer.

Data Is transmitted from the sensor to the computer, and a computer data categories, a first time and then to make a Car feedback, thereby forming a cycle, driverless Cars Is how to determine the traffic situation? In fact, such a judgment.

ThIs Is our Internet Is very similar, we have a mouse click, enter a Web site, then the site receives a request we want to vIsit, be passed, we Will be able to easily surf the Web .

However, thIs model has a sensor and the Internet have an essential difference, that no one be manipulated inside, just an exchange between the object and the object, so then people put forward a concept for describe communicate between such things and things, thIs model Is called – of things.

Here things aside, after all, Is the subject of thIs Car big data, then continue to talk about the things used in the Car, the Car has now a lot of features, GPS only the most basic one, and SOS emergency call, key sensing function (If the key Is not around, the Car Will not start), stop self-test function.

in the vIsion for the future, the Car Will become more of a tall, even if the movie Transformers Is also something that can not be achieved.

Of course, the Car Is not just big data exIst in thIs Car among individuals, so to speak, Automobile big data Is a chain, but the individual Car the industry chain terminal Bale.

In addition to intelligence itself, various sensors Automotive applications, it provides a huge source of data, including the vehicle life cycle information, vehicle feature information, behavioral information of the owner and even the seat habits Will form the corresponding data; there Is a Car-based data center, spare parts, condition, maintenance, transportation, location and other information Will form the huge data mining applications to generate value.

Second, Automobile big data can create enormous value, Will be an effective asset Car prices and Car dealers around these data Will build a Car around ecology network, including all kinds of Auto insurance, Auto sales, Car beauty, Car wash, vehicle inspection, vehicle modification, etc., all aspects of the Automobile industry as the leading alternative chain.

With the help of these data, Car manufacturers Will create a safer, more environmentally friendly, convenient, efficient, affordable Cars, with a way to create a big data section to let people beautiful models, thIs Is the value of the Car where big data.