From the Seine to Isabella: 19 car models with Named

McLaren Senna: Invite Bianca the McLaren and Bruno Senna (Elton of niece and nephew) to its studio, to show them the project, code-named P15. It Will be the ultimate track Car, including the “driver’s purest contact.” A final show of commitment and attention to detail. Like Elton same. They like it. So Senna was born. “

Ruths ElIse: 1993 Bugatti responsible for Ruths the company, three years later, ElIse was born to Romano Artioli’s granddaughter named Chairman at the Frankfurt Motor show unveiling, ElIsa Artioli Ruths sitting in today, she has a Facebook page dedicated to her European road trip. she chose models: S1 ElIse Ruths anything else it Is impossible

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Ferrari Enzo: Ferrari superCar in 2002 followed by some of the hIstory of Maranello stars, including GTO and F40 Car even by Ferrari standards, it Is also a milestone – and others. desire benchmark. No wonder it was named after the founder’s name.

Citroen Saxo Jordan: in the 1990s, the young man who dreams of one thing: driving Citroen Saxo with Jordan to McDonald’s to eat wheat whirlwind with thIs in mind, Citroen Saxo VTS Jordan launched real. , We could have done thIs, but there Is a Honda Civic Jordan, with F1 team named Eddie. Eddie driver’s dream but few go to McDonald’s to eat wheat whirlwind.

Ford Edsel: Poor Edsel Ford. To name all of the Car, Henry Ford’s late son must be linked with the “Dearborn dIsaster.” It may be very different. In the name for the ill-fated Edsel proposed, you Will find names such as Utopian Turtletop, Anticipator, Mongoose Civique and The Intelligent Whale. In hindsight, these may be more desirable than the Edsel.

TVR: full of their founder to the world – Toyota, examples of Honda and Porsche named companies, to name three cases. But perhaps the future Is easy to write, Trevor Wilkinson abbreviated hIs name to create a TVR.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta: Alfa Romeo Giulietta if the name was selected Romeo direct contact, it would be really wonderful? Romeo and Giulietta? There Is a story on Jalopnik, which provides sufficient evidence to support a romantic view, thIs may be the case. of.

Renault Clio: According to saying: “In Greek mythology in, Clio Is one of the nine Muses, patron of hIstory. traditionally, Clio after the goddess Aphrodite rap love of AdonIs, Aphrodite by the punIshment, which she Pierre Ruth fell in love with the Macedonian king. in thIs league, some say, Is born Hyacinthus, a beautiful young man, was later killed by hIs lover Apollo. an sprang from hIs blood flower(hyacinth). In art, Clio often represent a heroic trumpet and a clepsydra (water clock). “It Is possible, but Renault Nicole Will be better.

Mei -Benz Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes Is a SpanIsh girl’s name meaning grace: she Is the daughter of businessman Emil Jellinek, she lived in the late 19th century, in 1900 to arrange a series of manufacturing called Daimler – Mercedes new Car the rest Is hIstory

Ferrari Dino: as Enzo Ferrari first son, Alfredo (or Alfredino) destined to work for the family business. in fact, when the time comes, Enzo going to let Alfredo management company. Sadly, Alfredo died at the age of 24 for muscular dystrophy, which makes parents feel frustrated and heartbroken. Dino series racing and road Car to bear hIs name.

Vauxhall Adam: Adam Opel, founder of the namesake German Carmaker Adam Opel was unveiled at the 2012 ParIs Motor show small Cars in Germany than the name. more interested in the UK In Britain, thIs Car Is called Vauxhall.

TVR Tina:. Martin Lilley TVR management in 1965, the purpose Is to allow the company to re-energize the troubled Tina Is the result of hIs more compact and more affordable TVR vIsion, and launched at the 1966 Turin Motor show one pair of prototype vehicles. Tina Lilley Is a business partner Gerry Marshall’s daughter.

Fiat 125S Samantha: Fiat 125S Samantha Is one of the most beautiful and underrated coupe 1960s. You can thank the smooth lines Vignale. It Is the late 1960s Samantha Jones, Vogue and Cosmopolitan cover star named after you? certainly think so.

Brabham BT62: Brabham Jack son, David ‘ Brabham Is leading the rebirth, launched BT62 superCar worth 100 million pounds. But thIs Is not the first time the name Brabham in the Car

Vauxhall Viva Brabham: “What Will happen when the three riders in the World Championship of Britain’s most exciting one-liter Car breathe?” 1967 Hall of Vaux News ad asked. “Brabham Viva:? It sounds hot, does not it,” the ad continued. Yes. Yes, it does.

Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss: $ 1 million can now What brings you? As early as 2009, Mercedes – Benz introduced when the SLR Stirling Moss, it has no windshield and roof.

Fiat Seicento Michael Schumacher: motorsport’s highest honor, what Is? Of course, there Is a small compact Car to your honor named. Sadly, the Renault Clio Nigel Mansell never launched, but the Clio Williams Is a completely appropriate choice.

Monica: 20 1970 Monica Is a luxury Car manufacturer, by French industrialIst Jean Ta Site text (Jean Tastevin) leader, hIs wife happens to be called Monique (Monique).

Po Wo Isabella: We treasure fertile Isabella the end, thIs Is a pretty name Cars very nice Car. 2019, the company launched four all-electric design concept of the same name.