Four important parts on the car, the owner can own change, a year can save a lot of money

now into the summer, do not drive a lot of people simply do not go out, otherwIse scorching sun to wait for the bus, very tough. Driving a Car it played more, but the Car drove a long time Will fail, say some of the Car parts, if not promptly replaced, it would have very serious consequences. Vehicle owners generally Will be sent directly to the Car 4s shop, inside and out to the Car to make a big check.

But some replacement parts in 4s shop, the price Is really expensive, if at all 4s shop for the various components from the inside out, one year It may take thousands of dollars big. Today we take a look, there are four important components, the owner can actually own replacement Car, so a year down can save a lot of money. The first Is the wiper, for some more rain weather area, use the wiper frequency Is relatively high, so the need for timely replacement. But there Is no need to go to 4s shops to spend hundreds of dollars for a new wiper, the owner Will be able to change their own home.

The second Is the air filter, the air quality Is poor now, over time there Will be a lot of air filter dirt, affecting the cooling effect of air conditioning not only need to be changed frequently, usually when the owner needs to take Care of. If it Is, then go to 4s shops, replace the air filter may be a few hundred dollars, if they replace it, around 100 can get.

The third Is the fuse on the Car, if the Car fuse broken, directly open to the 4s shop, then repair the master may tell you, the fuse Is broken can cause a range of adverse reactions, so the relevant parts have to be replaced as we go, thIs Is equivalent to spend a lot of money. So the owners themselves at home, you can check, Is not really blown fuse, and hIs replacement, then quite simple.

The last one Is the brakes on the Car, as often the brakes, brake wear Is more serious. Remember to pay attention to check the wear of the brake pads, and then to a certain extent they quickly replaced, the owners themselves can do thIs thing at home. In thIs regard we have what kind of view it? Four important parts on the Car,Owners can change their own, a year can save a lot of money