Foreigners invention “pedal” cars, all thanks to the power pedal, keep returning Leverage

In today’s world of innovation, we have seen the Car into a sports Car

We have seen the installation of the 48-cylinder motorcycle

but you’ve seen the Car into bike there?

did not lie to you, Is to put the Car into bike

there Is a big foreign god with the pedal Car

Oh no, bike bicycle pedal power thanks to the

If nothing else, thIs pedal Cars are on the road

it Is a lever retention rates, in order to lighten the vehicle body

god swept away parts of the Car, the engine did not even let

tires had been replaced by a small lightweight tire

leaving only an empty shell decoy

the seat had been replaced by four folding seat

has a transmIssion lever a connection between each of the seat

the most powerful of the four pedal or

to see thIs scene, I do not know the area where you have not thought of

more than double bike, but the awning into the Car shell of it

want to start the bike, in addition to kicking two men outside the front

Also needs two pushing back the job, are pure and even reversing human

In addition to the bicycle than the skylight, a rear box can be opened

put a folding seat lying down can enjoy the scenery along the

though a bit strenuous, but to see them pedaling so openHeart

I also embarrassed to say anything

like a small partner remember to click the attention Oh,