Foreign media: Volkswagen wants to buy the country Xuan Tech?

Author: Compile: Cocoa

German “Auto Week” reported on August 24, Volkswagen Group plans to invest US battery suppliers, potential targets for the country Xuan Tech power energy Limited.

Informed sources said that the general public in order to maintain and technological advantages in the US Auto market, plans to invest US battery suppliers. Volkswagen are dIscussing the possibility of an acquIsition or joint venture, the company has focused on the investment objectives of electric vehicle technology. Informed sources said that the public Is looking at the potential for multiple companies, including the country Xuan Tech.

Analysts said the battery technology Is essential to the public. Especially in the public commitment under the American Car market to promote electric vehicles in the background. Volkswagen currently battery supplier in the US Is Ningde era (CATL).

VW Group CEO Judith (Herbert Diess) on the New York Auto show in April, announced to the public in 2028 producing 22 million pure electric vehicles, more than half of the electric Car Will come from the United States.

Informed sources said that the public has not yet made a final decIsion. Volkswagen officially confirmed the News: “VW Is the United States and a number of local Automotive suppliers to negotiate,” “We are evaluating the battery power supply of the United States, which Is critical to our mass-produced electric Car.”

After the dIsclosed media, stock market reacted well. U.S. Xuan Tech shares rose 6%, the small Volkswagen shares rose 0.4%.

State Tower Tech declined to comment.

(the compiler: Cocoa)