Ford’s latest patent application submitted, suggesting a new Mustang car name

Ford’s latest submIssion of patent applications, suggesting the new Mustang Car name

Ford Mustang (Ford Bronco) Is next suv field Popular models. Rely on inventory wilderness horse (Bronco) accumulated in 1996 and dIscontinued, if Ford (Ford) a good grasp of know-how, in order to revive the seriousness known SUV brand, thIs new model Is expected to get a lot of sales. Information about the 2021 Ford Mustang production Car has been relatively small. We heard a lot of rumors, but there Is little that can be confirmed. For example, we heard that the Broncos Will be equipped with two or four doors, and a removable soft top option as Ford plans to take over the Jeep Wrangler. We also reported that the 2020 Ford Ranger and 2021 Ford Mustang Will use the same chassIs, but the Broncos could end up with a 7-speed manual transmIssion.

Almost all off-road enthusiasts are interested in model 2021 Ford Mustang, because somehow we expect a return to the roots of a cross-country, we only find Suzuki Jimny vehicle or like a shepherd, annoying, appeared on the 2020 New York Auto show, but never in the United States, it Is just going to annoy the east coast every 4 x4 fans. The first time we talk about “Baby Mustang” in March 2019, when Ford released a teaser picture, then some of the leaked pictures show the whole of thIs compact SUV. As described above, wherein a Is assumed to play a role, ‘Scout’ and ‘Scout’ names are to be ‘infant Mustang’. Another hypothesIs Is that the large Mustang “Bronco Scout” and the name Will be linked to outdoor activities.

According to official sources, Ford, Ford 2020 April 15 applied for two involving “land motor vehicles, namely passenger Cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicle “nameplate, as well as broader scope:” motor vehicle parts and passenger Cars, pickup trucks, suv, that Is to say, the shock absorber damping spring, Automobile anti-roll bars, suspension brackets struts, external metal decoration decorative and protective, exterior decorative and protective plastic trim extrusion, differential, gear changes, range hood, fascia,The steering wheel, the seat, the parking brakes, wheels, brakes, brake caliper, brake pads, the engine, the engine or Car mufflers, exhaust pipes, an exhaust head, intake ports, oil caps, hats coolant, engine valve cover, ignition coil cover, and the external radiator badge. The “Baby Mustang” Will use the same 2020 Ford Escape FWD vehicle scalable single platform. As an alternative to Ford’s global c platform, the platform itself Will serve as the 2020 Ford Focus architecture part.

said steel chassIs platform than the upcoming c lighter, stronger, and very flexible, since it can accommodate a large number of 1.5 liters, three-cylinder engine Ecoboost up to 180 horsepower, and a 48-volt hybrid system. In our in-depth observation of “baby Broncos” We believe that the design of the cross Will follow the path of big brother, it would be boxy, early test mule we saw strolling with Ford Ranger front end, SUV boom and the extremely short the ultimate rock-crawling capability on the chassIs height. I hope the interior Is very simple, although we are in the year 2020, which means that you can not make a Car without a digital screen between the seats, voice control, mobile phone compatibility, and so on.

Now, thanks to a more compact and Escape Bronco Will share the same platform, they are likely to also share engine. The United States, can escape with three steel: 2.5 liters Unit crank 168 horsepower and 170 lb-ft, 1.5 liter EcoBoost provides 180 horsepower and 185 lb-ft, and finally 2.0 l EcoBoost well 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft turn – – Although thIs engine in the death penalty and its replacement (s) / already in the planning. I can say right now Is that the name choice Is interesting because Is International Harvester Scout in 1961 launched the war name Mustang models 4 × 4, a full four years earlier than the Mustang war. The initial challenge was to scout Jeep Willy born, which Is characterized by a removable sliding side windows and a folding windshield. These early trucks using international company’s own four-cylinder engine, used AMC engine although later introduced Scout II in 1971 (even NIssan diesel engines)As for Bronco expanding market share in direct response.

In summary, the 1960 to 1980 period to stop production, produced a total of 532 674 scout Car. In the long run, in the 1980s, Ford Mustang sales each year Will be far more than 100,000. Now comes the big horse, we collected all the things we (think) we know about the future of the body frame SUV here. First of all, we know that it Will be at Ford’s Michigan plant, and Will share the platform with the Ford T6 Ranger. It Is also very likely that the Broncos Will also be some mild hybrids, like its little brother. To be sure, thIs Will not be a re-strengthening of Mount Everest, although both may have some similarities. Solid shaft Is a dIstinct possibility, as well as one insider said, “power Will come from ‘similar’ 2.7 liters EcoBoost V-6. In the 2019 F-150, EcoBoost horsepower to 325 hp and torque of 375 lbs feet. “

Finally, we can do Is wait and track the movements of Ford, to see when it Will launch under a Mustang mule, because with the release date draws near, we must begin to see in Detroit and elsewhere mule wearing body production. It Is said that big horse, it may not be as rugged 4 x4 As you might expect, Will fall before the baby Mustang and Ford also plans a new budget model pickups and kill integration, focus, focus on pickups and even cross-Carnival Car industry in the United States entirely bad move I still think, if the highway Mustang Will be more than a puddle-splasher cruIser off-road, I bet FoMoCo fans Will be further dIsappointed.