Ford Mustang on the market, using the V8 engine, thIs beautiful sports car wild style you like it?

18, paragraph

Ford Mustang whole body from the Mustang if dynamic scalar Benz horse, a black honeycomb grille, bring out the more momentum to the subject chromed. It increased the number of curved lines, making the Car look more resolute and strong, but also more vIsual impact. Ford Mustang front cover after a thorough remodeling of the central part of the high uplift, suggesting that it has a strong power engine, but also for personalized conversion to leave more space. Ford Mustang on the market, using the V8 engine, thIs beautiful sports Car wild style you like it?

Dynamic, :

2016, paragraph

V8 engine using the Mustang GT, and 2019 shall also use the same engine 460 can generate power. However, the pore size of the engine section 18 Is increased from 92.2 mm 93.0 mm, and adds new direct fuel injection, a new design of a cylinder head, an additional knock sensor, a new crankshaft and connecting rod bearings and composite oil pan, these upgrades Will help enhance engine power.

Appearance :

2019, paragraph

Ford Mustang GT appearance with stylIsh design, more exercIse, a total of 11 kinds of new Car exterior color choices, and adds a bolder exterior color, such as blue Kona , orange and deep red, standard 18-inch alloy wheels, also matching the hub 19 inches many different styles, polIshing wheel design, movement fashion, increasing the LED lighting technology, aesthetic and practical, using the same tail light LED headlamps , grille and front bumper must be adjusted, redesigned bumpers front face shape so that overbearing, combined with aerodynamics, new Car dynamic performance has been improved.


Similarly interior raIse a lot and no longer as compared with conventional “low profile”, electrically heated steering wheel leather, leather-wrapped center console, decorative aluminum trim and a new garland, on the basIs upgrade, but also to many rich interior layering. Meanwhile, in the control screen integrated “FORDPASS” function to provide a richer travel related services.

configuration :

18.2 Ford Mustang 2.3T interior workmanship, materials also doubled compact, two took no window frame design, more perfect shows there should be a muscle Car temperament. In space, the interior space Is the two-door four-seater raIsed in comparIson to dIsplay their elucidation, four attempts can easily accommodate four adults. The touch screen on the center console to manipulate the new Ford Mustang, science and technology gained further draw it. Ford Mustang interior applicability exaggerated exact brought large space and storage skills, but also took part in the interior mood light.

Small series Conclusion:

the kit was developed by a team in hIs spare time outside of normal working hours of the Mustang project, while Ford’s management Is also very fond of the outcome of thIs package, decided to accept thIs development . ThIs Is the Mustang team very enthusiastic about working with them and the perfect embodiment familiar Mustang, Mustang heart of customers. Mustang Is a highly cost-effective small sports Car, although a very small minority, but a friend can be a lot like it, if you want to have it, then version 18 would not have hesitated.