Ford Mustang GT350R new car assessment, another low with GT500 driving experience, you want to try it

Although Ford introduced a powerful new model year 2020 GT 500 Mustang long ago, but now the launch of the Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang Cars are still in a masterpiece. Although it Is impossible and powerful GT 500 compared to the power, but the new Car got a unique feature, it Is different from the current common market muscle Cars. In the 2020 model it retains the excellent characterIstics, and made some upgrades on thIs basIs.

minor changes

GT350R new Car, but Ford said the new Car’s design Is influenced by the GT 500. New Car front suspension geometry and steering joints are high trajectory draw on the experience gained in the development of GT 500, while the engineers to GT350R a new truck with the recalibration of power assIst.

As before, GT350R get 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, which brings 526 hp and 429 lbs of torque for the new Car, although thIs but the 760-horsepower GT500 data less powerful than even in the same Car Is not dominant. But the V8 engine has no other engine characterIstics, it Is equipped with a flat-crank, which Is generally found in the engine of Europe’s top equipment, with thIs device the engine can rotate more freely, so it Is only equipped with a six-speed Manual transmIssion.

and compared to previous models, the new GT350R and although the old models have the same engine, but the new model with no small Cars on the basIs of improvement. Perhaps some models available in the market Will make a balance of performance and usability improvements, but Ford’s new models but Will not make such a compromIse, which Ford Is subtracted back seat, audio system and exhaust resonators to reduce weight. And the machine standard Car wheels Carbon fiber, and a larger front splitter and rear wing. If you are a more focused driving experience it in person, then thIs Car Ford Mustang Will certainly suit you.

With advances in technology, Ford Cars are also going digital, all 2020 Ford models can the Car into the APP on the phone byLine open and close operations and provides navigation and vehicle status dIsplay to make your driving experience easy and fun.

of thIs new Ford Shelby 350 R Will be available later thIs year, but the price has not been announced, but after the 350R and GT500 for sale, Ford Will have two possible class Car and Chevrolet and Dodge competing models, Ford evidently started to increase investment in thIs area of ​​the.

intellectual power Comments

After unveiled a powerful star product GT500, Ford and out of a little in performance but there Is another weak driving style models to meet consumers demand for Ford vehicles from the different needs range. It seems in the second half of thIs year, Li Fute company Will increase the development for thIs area, find solutions to problems on the current Automotive market from that direction.