Ford Mustang GT350 seems to have died

legendary Mustang Mach 1 nameplate may be making a comeback in 2021. We believe that the Mach 1 Mustang Will be the current generation of alternatives, and Will replace the Ford Bullitt Mustang after obtaining permIssion. In collaboration with Warner Bros. (Warner Brothers), has Bullitt (Bulitt) the rights of studios in operation. We also learned more details about the 2021 Bronco Sport. The occasional drip of information have in common? Line leak vehicle identification number (VIN) decoder dIsclosed information. ThIs latest series of VIN decoder? It indicates that the beloved Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R may soon dIsappear.

imply that we exIst and leak Mach same VIN decoder 1 in enthusiast forum, we note that 2021 Mustang lineup lIsts only a 5.2 liter V-8. A lightweight V-8, what Is wrong? Ah, GT350 and new Shelby GT500 models are made from different 5.2-liter V-8 engine to power. VIN on a table which lIsts only, which means that these two models Will be sold only in a 2021, but for some reason, for some reason abandoned the Ford just released and more powerful the GT500 seems incredible. Older GT350. It Is likely to be the opposite situation: in fact replaced the GT500 GT350.

For Mustang fans, or just those who love loud GT350, a crankshaft rotatably plane “Voodoo” V-8 sound people, which Is a sad News. We may never be the mainstream Car manufacturers such as Ford saw thIs kind of engine. ThIs Is the first time ever used in the V-8 Mustang crank plane (e.g., Ferrari favored by the design of the crankshaft), and indeed the best party GT350 techniques. Even so, the operation of the GT500 GT350 same, if not better, coupled with its transverse V-8 5.2 l engine (thus ordinary crank) can be pressurized, and generates 234 horsepower greater than the Voodoo V-8power. A total of 760. It sends hIs good voice.

Of course, thIs message has not been officially confirmed. However, no matter how cruel it affects GT350, it seems justified: GT500 Mustang Is now the king of the mountain, and we do not know whether you want a high-performance Ford Mustang eroded another performance. So, if that Is the case, and the GT350 Is dead, it would be sad that we’ve ever driven one of the best ‘Stangs’.