Ford Mustang Bullitt: hIstory and feeling say, Mustang said the second, no one would dare say first!

Ford Mustang Bullitt: hIstory and feeling say, Mustang said the second, no one would dare say first!

In order to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the movie “Bullitt”, Ford introduced the Mustang Bullitt special edition 1968 Mustang Is a past life, thIs life Is the 2020 Mustang models today.

at first seen in 1968, McQueen driving a Mustang, I thought it would be like Ford, Jaguar and Aston Martin, like a classic Car replica , then the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars to sell 100 or 200.

and then the eggs, Americans ignorant or shallow ah, they actually did not go engraved and launched a commemorative edition Mustang based on cash only. Well, the Americans play or amount, estimated that the 2020 Mustang Bullitt also able to sell a million units on.

2020, paragraph

Ford Mustang Bullitt mounted 475 hp 5.0 l V8 engine self-absorption peak torque of 569 nm; transmIssion system providing six-speed manual transmIssion (also stalls spray film version of the classic white models), FR-driven layout; 0 to 100km / h acceleration, to more than four seconds, the top speed up to 263km / h – more than 19 models standard Edition Mustang GT 5.0 V8 slightly by 13km / h .

Brembo brakes, with sports exhaust valve with a heated leather steering wheel, 12-inch color dIsplay instruments, Car unique dark green paint, 19-inch black wheels, Michelin PS4s high-performance street tires – these are all standard.

In addition to the Bullitt Ford offers three optional: MagneRide semi-active electromagnetic suspension, ReCaro leather bucket seat with a green mark, and Bullitt electrification kit (electric memory seats, memory outside mirrors, a navigation system, the auxiliary blind, upgraded speaker).

Cars, movies, strategies, these together we Will have to see the 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Carefully think about motor racing in the United States and some truly hIstoric and feelings of models, Mustang said second, no one would dare He said the first.