Ford Mustang at the end of the new BMW 3 Series price of nearly one million viewing experience

When cash 3 Is about to complete the final year facelift when, seemingly not competing products models Ford Mustang (Mustang) has quietly completed its mid-term facelift. Indeed, ever since thIs generation Mustang joined the 2.3T engine led to a substantial decline in posture, basic 3-Series with the same low price of similar performance continue to erode the market share of the 3 Series, plus the factors of parallel imported Cars, love the show, love break little brother, little sIster put it down naturally.

models internal reference

Advantages: to upgrade their technological configuration price changed little

dIsadvantages: work did not break

time to market: May 2019

estimated price: 30-60 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

competing models: 3 Series total


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to introduce new Mustang ≠ Fox

It Is interesting that shortly before the eve of the New York Auto show, Ford in the United States the world premiere of the new generation Focus, Volkswagen also appears to be more than home design plus make no breakthrough in interior design Fuyou surprIse, even with more dIsaggregated ST kit version, but its sporty appearance and gives the impression that there Is the original “buy Edition” model Is similar.

Ford Mustang but do not want to own thIs century smashed hIs own classic Cars, from April 1964, after the birth of May 17, the Broncos have gone through 54 Spring and Autumn Period, more than 80 countries around the world, can see wild horses figure, as of the end of 2019, the official regIstration of the sixth-generation Mustang has sold a record-breaking 125,809 thIs achievementBehind the United States market, small Cars strategy contributed!

so that the mid-term facelift 6-generation Mustang was soon introduced to the country, to the end of May domestic licensed version Will also be officially hit the market even tighter purse can successfully find about 300,000 of parallel imported Cars in the port of Tianjin, New York, can be described as still very good value, and not with the price of competing products.

American muscle also a sense of technology co-exIst

muscular styling has been the Mustang a symbol of models, so even how facelift or replacement, the general lines of the body does not change, just make evolutionary era in the details.

new Car in appearance a certain amount of adjustment, compared to the current model, using a set of polygons LED headlamps, the overall shape headlights more sharp, more aggressive. Front bumper has also been redesigned, while also canceled the round fog lamps. The lines on the engine also highlights some of the characterIstics of the muscle Car. Taillights from the “vertical bar type” to the “Lin wave” look more three-dimensional. GT models and the use of bilateral four exhaust design, but also more assertive and clearly show than the current model.

Therefore Mustang sold well because it looks expensive, in the eyes of people do not understand it, giving the Broncos first eye and sense of worth 911 base even higher at the same level, after all, in various films and televIsion shows, but its exposure line star treatment.

In addition to the interior work Is still very Ford Mustang facelift after three major upgrades large items. The first Is the interactive system uses the latest generation of SYNC system, than older models at a resolution of better performance, while supporting the Carplay peering function; the second Is to spend new models in terms of the instrument finally advancing with the times the whole LCD, 12.3-inch size can provide three kinds of UI style, personalized strengthened. The final step Is for the first time joined the Ford Mustang driver assIstance technology. AssIst with pedestrian detection by pre-crash, dIstance alert, lane departure warning, lane keeping assIst other new features.

power, consIstent with the cash Ford Mustang, Will continue to Carry 2.3T turbo engine with self-priming 5.0L engine. Drive configuration section, V8 models Will be equipped with the latest 10-speed manual gearbox (with the Ford F-150 Raptor Is the 10-speed manual gearbox).

whether it Is open or parked, put it in the eyes of collectors that Is, even to the night market in front of a luxury Car together with one million also did not Mustang think how low, and pay the price Is only the price of a 3-series low with.