Ford Mustang, American muscle cars, sporty look sharp

Ford Mustang would be a more long models, and officially unveiled the first Mustang in the 1960s of the last century. Unprecedented pursuit of first-generation Mustang in the United States suffer, once the nation were sold out in a few decades later, the Mustang Is to become, on behalf of the United States high-powered muscle Car.

Ford Mustang, cash sales of the previous generation small change models, in the details we made some changes, look more sharp. The front of a Mercedes-Benz horse, a Mustang logo. Headlight design, especially internal gill-like daytime running lights Is very sharp, but unfortunately, there Is no domestic horse. The lower triangular fog inlet hole Is very aggressive.

wide body side, fastback roof design, waIst sharp and deep, with the lower end of the door lines, side of the design Is very layered, but also a sense of great power, unlike most European sports Car design, very smart.

a slightly raIsed tail fin design , vertical tail lamp structure Is very recognizable shape, black trim region, Is surrounded by a boss extending between the tail and the tail taillights. Left and right through the entire design of the tail lines, increase the vIsual width. Bilateral double out of the exhaust, but also very impressive.

symmetry about the entire Interior design, three multifunction steering wheel, spherical shift knob, manual handbrake, great sense of movement, a lot of silver interior trim panel wrapped, look very fighting spirit. Workmanship, materials are good.

power, 2.3T engine, 309 horsepower, maximum torque of 434 cattle Meter. 5.0L V8 engine, 466 horsepower and maximum torque of 556Nm. In addition to the appearance of the facelift, the most important thing Is for a 10-speed Automated manual gearbox.

you how for such an American sports Car to see it, you like it?