Ford infringement official micro apologize, Sichuan Mustang sound generous response: We shake hands!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Car governor V

the same name as thIs thing Is normal, but believe Shijun know who to stand out, to let others remember, that Is success.

Speaking of the Broncos, the first reaction most fans are sure Ford Mustang, which Is the mid-engine developed by Ford coupe, March 9, 1964 off the assembly line. Is such a cheap sports Car has always been sought after by fans and the like, but two years ago because of hIs name “mess” on the thing.

because the United States Sichuan also has an easy to ignore the Mustangs. Sichuan sued Mustang 2016 Ford Mustang, which sounds like a joke, even absurd, but that Is the truth. Sichuan Mustang as early as 1986 had already regIstered the “Mustang” trademark, but also the follow-up to apply for regIstration or more than Mustangs graphics word mark.

and after Ford “Mustang” concept Cars into the United States, Chinese name “Ford Mustang” regIstered trademark application for the year 2006. Anyway, they are far behind the Ford Mustang Mustang Sichuan, the defendant was granted.

February 2016, the two companies finally because the brand of “same name” and court. Mustang on suspicion of trademark infringement brought to the Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court proceedings, sued the US Ford’s Mustang sports Car of Chinese brand name with the same name Mustang, Ford and demanded US compensation for economic losses.

after two years of “catch-me” just thIs year, the result of the case was finally dust off set, the Chengdu Intermediate people’s Court Ford Mustang United States to stop the infringement of regIstered trademark rights, compensation for economic losses corresponding Mustang, Ford and asked the United States within 15 days after the entry into force of the judgment, in “the Car official website” Home publIshed a statement, Eliminate the effects of.

then, Ford made an apology in the United States official website, saying to Sichuan Mustang has brought adverse effects. Ford and the United States to apologize for a statement on the Issue of infringement “Mustang” trademark, anyway, thIs apology can be considered reasonable, Sichuan Mustang on July 9 at noon vocal responded, saying that “we shake hands” and thanked Ford Mustang vaporRespect Cars.

thIs result appears to “peace” ending, respect each other, Sichuan Broncos also had a tolerant praIse Ford Mustang also had a Zhicuojiugai awards, but know Shijun estimated Sichuan Mustang Is a lot of psychological drama: hey who told you to do bigger reputation, I do not forgive Sichuan Mustang Ford Mustang, consumers do not You Will forgive me. The Ford Mustang also turned to leave, have something to say. Since then, Ford Mustang name we should be called the Ford Mustang, known as ABC Shijun only know thIs school I believe it Is Ford Mustang Pa cried even more difficult to talk about some of the. After

with knowledge Shijun I believe thIs thing, faithful Car Is divided into two teams, while the Ford Mustang station, while the station Sichuan Broncos, who Will not let anyone.

quite naturally Ford Mustang side of the truth: I am not exaggerating, because I know the Ford Mustang Mustang Sichuan, there Is a feeling forced to rub heat ah.

Sichuan Mustang “station” faithful estimate Is not convinced: I’m sorry, you are late, late one minute and I are big.

In thIs regard, Yuan Fang are, how you look?