For the interior of the car engine room refit you have any ideas and suggestions?

for interior Automotive engine room refit you have any ideas and suggestions? In fact, the field of Automotive color play can also be extended to the engine room, especially in engine rocker cover but also has the advantages of easy installation and painting, and now, with the water roasted transfer technology advances, various patterns can be printed up, let personal style can also enjoy the play in the engine room. Originally mundane engine room, after crystallization coarse sand painting, hIs voice immediately become many, and had difficulty processing the material recycling Car engine trim, people in the painting of efforts, finally found applicable the substrate, so that the new owner can Car engine room made all the difference. Space ratio engine volume in the engine room Is not occupied by small, numerous depots in order to allow the engine room look more beautiful, it Will likely be in the rocker cover to make some basic color painting, the rocker cover and bake red paint, arousing passionate feeling there.

Thus many desirable engine compartment Car owners can catching little modification, rocker cover Will also be the landscaping, which Youyi thIs time to be introduced crystal grit coating paint the most effect. According to the respondents of thIs painting Daren old driver said that as the pre-processing of the rocker cover are usually paint faded and peeling of old products, so how completely wash away the oil on the original Car old rocker, paint Is to ensure the quality of construction of priority, and go after the paint Is done, you can start preparing for the next step of painting, but before spraying paint on coarse sand, the ability to increase the adhesion of paint, thIs must first semi-finIshed products dipped one secret weapon interface agent coating job, thIs agent can form a relatively thin and slightly dry coating film interface help grit paint on subsequent spray cover the upper surface of the rocker arm in a clean, can be more fully attached to a metal rocker cover material, to increase its life and heat resIstance. After

After Carefully font, the screw holes on the surface of masked, spray crystallization can begin imported from Japan grit paint, after the above-described complicated construction, and one side with a strong vIsual horsepower better insulating effect than the original crystalline rocker cover grit coating Is completed. The whole process takes about 2-3 days time, and those who had over rocker cover construction,Later inadvertently result in knocking off paint tools, then, it can be through local Buxiu way to restore the original appearance, paint colors currently available in black, red, and blue. The crystalline and coarse paint coating technology, also used in the exhaust heat shield plate of plastic material or the like of the engine cover. In addition to crystal sand painting, the old driver has also developed technology can be adapted to transfer heat water environment, allowing various patterns to turn grilled rocker cover, with the bright background, unique rocker cover was born, very Hella wind players for JDM or modified.

In addition to the above-mentioned coating technology, particularly older drivers for the most popular sea pull the wind play with JDM launch special sparse water lines and construction method of baked technology transfer, on the technical nature of the past common water transfer Is very similar, but in order that it can be applied in harsh environments steam locomotive, but older drivers We spent a lot of time to study the construction methods and materials, in order to make production of the finIshed product withstand the test of time for years without fading or yellowing. According to its representation, water transfer technology Is very common in our daily around the appliance use, such as children’s toys, usually with a hairpin, hair band or other 3C products, have seen water transfer lines or patterns, However, these products use environment and life, and thIs does not need to face the vehicle parts as heat, salt, oil and other harsh environment and sunlight, and the like with a few years, these products can not be used in the construction method of water transfer Car parts. Since

for which he especially from the basic material Is a transfer mold and paint fumble, ten years after he after testing and research, and finally slowly found most suitable for Automotive engineering methods used, to ensure that water passing through the transfer of parts such as rocker covers, interior panels, mirror caps and other products, can be accessed through use of the above environments test, often up to several years of use without yellowing or fading, with a smooth surface, as long as the daily maintenance with a mild detergent and cloth to wipe. Currently development of its kind out of the water transfer lines, has been about more than 2,30 kinds, some dIstinctive design, ideal for Hella wind or JDM players to use, and the transfer surface of the material reservoir Will bake a layer of gold, to improve the surface hardness and gloss, so he set hIs own water transfer construction method, calledCall for the transfer grilled technology. Currently a four-cylinder engine rocker cover facilities for the transfer grilled painting Is good, interested owners can also try their own hands at. In addition to the outdoor engine, roasted transfer technique Is also applicable to the trim board, an instrument panel and the lid rear view mirror, and can select up to 2,30 kinds of patterns, even the most popular class 3D pattern are transferred up.