For safety car headrest to enhance the role of hIs life?

When it comes to Automobile headrests, many people Will think that thIs Is a comfortable configuration, but in fact, it Is a safe Car headrest configuration, it Is vital to improve the safety performance of vehicles.

As we all know, Is a very common Car rear-end accident, but such incidents and even accidents accounted for all of 1 / 3 or so. In rear-end accident, the human branch of the trunk due to inertia continue to move forward, but the head Is a lag because of inertia, then in such a case, it Will head back dramatically swinging, like whip whip Like, thIs case Is likely to cause neck injuries, and thIs situation Is also known as “whiplash.” In actual rear-end accident, a quarter of the passengers as “whiplash injury” caused bodily injury, the situation Is more serious and even cause paralysIs and even death. The Car headrest precIsely in order to reduce the harm “whiplash injury” caused, and specially developed.

In fact, the meaning called the Car seat head restraints, the EnglIsh name, and no pillow Car headrest Car headrest, literally translated as “head restraint” or “head restraint.” Car headrest mounted on an upper vehicle seat back, and occupant’s head height flush, when the collIsion accident occurs, the headrest can effectively hold the Car passenger’s head, a great impact force due to buffer collIsion accident can be avoided excessive head thrown back cause “whiplash.” Early on, Car headrest not arouse people’s attention, but now the Car seat headrest has been lIsted as a mandatory national standard, either Car headrest material, strength, energy absorption, with strict size or location provIsions. In many Auto safety test Car headrest related whipped experiments, it has also been lIsted as one Will test the project.

Therefore, Car headrest not comfortable configuration, but a very important security configuration, can effectively reduce rear-end accident accidents for people hurt.

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