For beautiful eyes gradually chrome car interior, you know?

women like beauty like jewelry, mini, good men like Kelpie face, big G. Both men and women, the Car can be said in the same table to eat threshold. Although the author Is extremely resIst described as such, but thIs phenomenon does exIst, which Is also from the side of a big Car to Allcock candidates, that Is, how to look, enough face.

must be large, must be leather, must be chrome plated, as thIs Is consumer friendly, manufacturers are keen to meet the demands of the consumers to create a stronger sense of luxury and sense in a given price range, it Is the most common means of suction eye. ThIs phenomenon does not say right or wrong, but the blind pursuit of high-level sense it really Is the right way?

To be clear, regardless of the orientation of the vehicle or the emphasIs sports emphasIs on comfort, all can create a sense of interior. How to create thIs feeling Is not a mystery, luxury Car Is nothing more than chrome, wood, piano paint, crystal or other materials, sports Cars are mostly made of Carbon fiber, turn fur matte material. Fabricated shape Is also not difficult, no matter how abstract shapes into now Is not a big problem.

but whether the material can be done to avoid low-gloss reflective? Parts flash, parting lines, chamfering up to meet whether vIsual, tactile requirements? The seat H point Is suitable for people? Whether there Is enough to avoid abnormal noIse interference between components? A series of questions blindly piled material, the product Is not designed to escape and so on, Is more important.

As consumers we may not have the chance to know the specific information in the design, but from the perception point of view we can dIscern a certain extent, what Is good interiors. Here we are in the “2020 Top Ten interior Ward” pick a few selection results in more representative of the award-winning interior, from the most basic to tell you how to identify the perception of outstanding Automotive interiors.

from the price to see the atmosphere can only look at

The more “simple” more advanced, but he simply Is not thIs simple, it also includes purely . From clothing to 3C, small diamond ring large home improvement, to the third space walk, without exception, pure design never out of date.

which represents 2020 model Is the first to get Ward Top Ten interior of the Bentley Continental GT. From the modeling point of view, Continental GT was undIstinguIshed, center console as a whole was “T” shaped design. But in the materials used to create the atmosphere and has done the ultimate. In all the places that can reach a large number of leather wrapped are used, aluminum alloy primary color in the stalls area covered, leather, wood, using just the right proportion of aluminum, the material of the original texture Is maximally unfolded, luxury and with each other yet modern.

Further, Continental GT most interesting point Is the air conditioning mode the switching outlet, using the most primitive mechanical lever switch, and vehicle ambience mix together and no one Will say it obsolete.

We might look at creating a luxurious, classical beauty negative example. For example, the figure above older Volkswagen Passat, it Is clear, brownIsh red decorative wood panels and hard plastic with leather did not play well together and heighten the effect, relying on wood panel rigidly to create a luxurious facelift feeling a bit crappy. Although with a relatively low price of the Passat Bibin Li would not be fair, but also from the side that wants to create a breakthrough price of sense, some sense of luxury “hold a candle.”

On the overall thrust of the trip nondescript

“2020 Top Ten interior Ward” rank second in the Automobile market the BMW 8-Series. As BMW’s flagship sedan, after the resurrection again after 8 years of broken lines more concern. Obviously, the interior of the BMW 8-Series did not dIsappoint, can be said to represent the mainstream of current interior design style.

Overall, the interior Is not too much style, but to maximize the balance between elegance and movement. Extensive use of curved connection between the regional center console, combined with low-gloss leather package created by embracing sense to create a luxurious interior ambience. Cutaway slim and clear chrome trim Is arranged in the air conditioning vent, near Dangba, the perfect fusion of modern and classical. If one sentence to say the BMW 8-SeriesThe interiors do the “young and old take-all.”

It Is noteworthy that, the BMW 8-Series Is equipped with the crystal Dangba, while a sense of luxury to add color and has a transparent vIsual effect adds Technology sense.

Similarly, let us look at a negative example. People always mention Tesla preconceived define it as avant-garde models, the interior design from a practical point of view as well. Straight lines, simple shapes not much decoration, has a very strong modern. The figure Tesla was employed in the wood grain interior trim panel, not difficult to understand such an approach Is to create elegant interior atmosphere, but actually only see the nondescript, you want both modern and classical Is not so easy, you can have both fIsh and bear’s paw, but not so good just the right.

to have and insIst ineffective

Finally, we look at a Top Ten most interior sense of technology on behalf of models, Mercedes-Benz ranked seventh A. Although the A-level entry model, but it can also Mercedes-Benz design Is not the same. One of the most notable feature Is that the through the control panel and the dIsplay screen, unobstructed design dIsplay stands in the center console, large dIsplay with fine dIsplay Is different from the market most of the models, which Technology sense of self-evident.

The second feature Is that a circular-shaped turbine outlet air conditioning, metallic complexes deeply into the shape looks more like a work of art Is formed, contrast with the interior atmosphere. In addition, the Car comes with a very gorgeous atmosphere of light, able to give a very strong vIsual impact from the perception.

In addition, relatively smooth leather covering together with a high-gloss piano paint materials, so that the vehicle interior more lively atmosphere, dazzling.

Similarly, we got a very “scientific and technological sense,” the interior. The Car has three dIsplay the image above, were dIstributed in the dashboard, the configuration pricey at first glance, very eye-catching, but in fact it Is equipped with a screen in order to pursue science and technology and design sense. Simply dIsplayBe placed in a particular area, and the link between the overall interior design Is better than nothing, a lot of plastic and did not express a sense of technology.

drop view:

Yan value Is important, but who do not want to marry a vase home, after a period after the sweet love, greet you Will be ups and downs salty life. Perhaps the beauty of form you can poke in the chest, but the functionality Is the longest love something, perhaps with one hundred thousand yuan to buy vehicles equipped with Carbon fiber interior trim, but you pay for the truth everyone understand. Car in a given price range to buy in line with the price wIse.

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