Floor recommend 60,000-80,000 cars, three cars are a joint venture vehicle, comparable to domestic prices

In September and October of thIs year’s Auto market has become a fairy tale, not the National mortar Automobile market in previous years, the sea of ​​people, some of the 4S shop doors to cold, to see Car sales particularly affectionate, pour some tea serve in every possible way, and even buy a Car friends feel a bit embarrassed. DIscount Auto market thIs year has become synonymous with the following recommended these three joint entry-level sedan Is the case, playing fracture sale, Ke Luze, Cowarts, Fu Rui Si in the end finding out it Is more appropriate, the following Will introduce respectively .

snow 佛兰科沃兹

snow 佛兰科沃兹 guide price of 8.99-9.99 yuan, now dIscount rate more than 20,000 general, said that some local dIscounts of up to 30,004 yuan, an Automatic landing enlightened version, but more than 60,000.

Cowarts appearance of the Chevrolet family Is designed for dual grille, rear taillight shape multilateral groups, sporty looks, appearance can be very beautiful. According to Interior screen faithful Car, said although there Is no big-screen interface Is clear, however, just a plastic feel a bit strong, good performance space, trunk storage Is also quite to the force.

configuration Cowarts standard ABS, vehicle stability, traction control, hill assIst, the engine start and stop, the parking radar and the like. Dynamic, equipped with three steel 1.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 125 hp, 180 Nm of torque, matching 6-speed Automatic transmIssion.

Comment: Yan good value online, the interior can be justified, configure enough, large price concessions efforts, in general Is not a budget and more cost-effective very good family Car, of course, under the premIse that you do not Care about the three-cylinder machine.

snow 佛兰科鲁泽

Ke Luze guidance pseudo 8.99-11.99 million offer about 20,000, said that some deals with local Cruze a fight. There are peer said a friend met a customer wanted to buy a floor of 80,000 family sedan, and he recommended Ke Luze, they said 100,000 vehicles landed 80,000, thIs Car preferential Why so big, do it bad Car Will buy it?

a sudden silent friend. In fact, Ke Luze look pretty, first saw many people may think thIs stock Is a modified Car, Tornado wheels, black tail, surrounded by the black, black logo, Is very interesting. Configuration industry can, although space Is a compact performance Is good, watched a friend buy a Car Skoda Xin Yue, Santana, Sunny, last Ke Luze appearance and independent suspension conquest.

in a joint venture with the price of the Car not to mention the LED headlamps, rear-wheel independent suspension, dIsc brakes and some are not even friends I felt the Car outstanding value for money, in addition to three-cylinder machine feel very perfect.

Fute Fu Rui Si

Si Fu Rui guide price 7.98-11.68 yuan, the dIscount rate to see models, the new model Is certainly not favorable, but some models dIscount rate Is good, generally around 10,000, but according to colleagues broke the News preferential some areas to 20,000, a 1.5L Automatic version to enjoy quality floor price Will almost 80,000.

Fu Rui Si Car appearance Is also very atmospheric, space enough for home, handling performed well, thIs stock Is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, but it Is a triplex machine, if a bit hard to overtake on accelerating at full speed, the speed Is relatively slow, urban transport if it Is no problem.

by price, Fu Rui Si configuration Is also good value for money, to see if we recognized three-cylinder machine.

Summary: All three Cars are three-cylinder engine, the Chevrolet Cruze Ke Luze and prices really have been playing a fracture, if you do not mind three-cylinder engine can start. Ford Fu Rui Si preferential reportedly has almost naked, so want to buy three Cars can start with.