Five most popular car interiors, domestic car finalIsts, the last paragraph Is called Wang Yan

With the continuous development of society, now also increasing consumer tastes, buying a Car, apart from the price of the Car, pay more attention to the color value of the vehicle. Sell ​​a Car, OK? In addition to price and configuration, more important Is the value of the Yen. Xiao Bian today said five of the most popular interior, there Is a domestic lIst, the last paragraph Is called Yan Wang.

1, Pentium T77

As the United States first Pentium FAW Automotive Group, which Is two years towards luxury line, the Pentium brand’s Car T77 since lIsting, the favorite of consumers. The overall design of the Pentium T77 allow consumers to get the Pentium with new ideas. The Car went into the interior, it all themselves. Overall interior features two-tone design, and uses a lot of leather wrapped, giving a sense of luxury. E-plus-piece lever in the control to make people feel full of science and technology, especially in thIs Siamese-style central control, and s-class Mercedes-Benz Is very similar to the overall high-end atmosphere on the grade.

2, Bentley Continental

on the high-quality atmosphere as a luxury sedan series, Bentley Continental can be said that the brand in the benchmark. Medium Is giving hunch Is high-end luxury, very stylIsh, do not seem moderation. Interior wood structure and overall use of leather material, as well as the very fine leather small patterns, very luxurious. Interior colors and smooth, bright colors. Central control Is a 12.3 inches large screen, which Is very complete, you can control the entire vehicle configuration. Heated steering wheel also leather, leather sport seats, the whole of the liquid crystal instrument panel, irrespective of any part of the interior, looking very meticulous.

3, Audi A8L

Audi A8L new generation, Is the most obvious change in the interior. Audi model series as a whole, are taking the technology route, so that the Audi A8L Is no exception. The front portion of the overall situation needs most Is thIs three-screen, LCD instrument panel, central control large screen, the touch screen area, the overall abolition of a large number of physical buttons, looks very vIsual effect. Compared to the previous generation model, now Is the Audi A8L, younger than ten years older than the previous generation.

4, the Mercedes-Benz S-class

say that Audi’s interior Is to take the technology route, the Mercedes-Benz interior It Is to take the luxury route. The whole interior of the case of the most prominent piece in front of the big screen, in the control panel and dashboard together, people on the train one can notice it. Compared BMW floating in the control panel, more consumers still prefer Siamese Benz in the control panel. Overall interior ambience comes with 64 color lights, driving at night when the children go out, the overall atmosphere of the interior lights, forcing grid Is very high, many consumers like thIs Is one of the reasons.

5, Porsche Parra Meira

Wang Yan as coupe sector, Porsche Parra Meira both in appearance and interior, are the same level, the highest consumer attention models. Overall interior features a T-shaped design, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, very powerful. Sports seats plus full LCD instrument panel, while in motion but also with a sense of technology. Vehicle interior materials are used leather material, very luxurious. Because the exterior and interior color values ​​are very high, most people have control of thIs Car Is called Yan Wang.

These are consumers like interior, and a very high degree of concern, as a consumer you prefer Which one do?