Feng Sihan: Volkswagen Is actively preparing for the brand transition

Fifteenth New York International Auto Show Is nearing completion, thIs year’s show theme Is “Defining the Car a new life.” What Is the Car a new life? Each Car prices in their own way to show new life interpretation of the future of the Automobile to the user. Two years ago, Volkswagen planned to clear their strategic goals, the future of mobile travel solutions provider transformation. In a recent communication, the table Pingsi Han told the agency Netcom: “Volkswagen brand, our own strategic objectives are very clear, we hope that the future of Car can do Autopilot, fully interconnected and intelligent Car.”

must be closely related to the future of mobile travel and new energy, as well as mobile Internet technologies such as Automatic driving. Just recently performed the world premiere I.D. VIZZION debut in the United States in Geneva. Dr. Fengsi Han said: “The whole family ID products, on behalf of all the possibilities in the future of the Volkswagen brand technology.”

ID VIZZION platform Is based on MEB build the fourth paragraph concept Car, the new flagship model Is the ID family. On the new Car design defines the Volkswagen brand Cars and electric Automation era of mobile travel.

I.D. VIZZION canceled the steering wheel, interior highlights such as the spacious lounge-like space. Thanks to augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence technology, the interaction of people and vehicles to achieve a fully interconnected, which means that passengers recreational vehicles on the road, communication, job offers freedom, and even set the next destination of the vehicle. Dr. Fengsi Han said Volkswagen from a technical perspective for the future Automatic drive positioner grade ready.

the face of the emergence of a large number of domestic repairer new forces, they also Will focus on the development of intelligent interconnection pure electric vehicle. For the new Mr. Ping Sihan competitors face said he was optimIstic, “These new companies to join, in fact, help us, we challenge ourselves to promote a wider range of new content. In particular, there are many new start-ups, with many new concepts, new things thIs Is also rIsing consumer expectations for the future of the Car, such as Automatic content drive, intelligence and other aspects of the Internet. “he believes that to create a reliable, safeThe whole Car Is more important, and Volkswagen have more experience. Therefore, Volkswagen Is confident to continue to maintain a leading edge in the industry.

Next, the Volkswagen brand Will be interconnected with partners in technology, along with promoting the development of the Internet, mobile travel area. New life for the future of the Car, Dr. Fengsi Han said: “We Will do our own definition of their own future, their own solutions, to fully exploit the new technology, so intelligent, so the Internet.” The goal Is to 2020 years, all new models are able to achieve complete interconnection.

remain in the local competitive advantage

In addition, some American brands in recent years of development and progress very fast, and even some already have hit the world stage strength. Dr. Fengsi Han said: “We Will pay more attention to thIs very powerful brand, as we focus on Japan, Korea, the US Car brands, like.”

Of course, the public Will maintain their advantage , continue to strengthen the localization of imported products, to 2020, the Volkswagen brand plans to expand the US market SUV models to 12 models. We Will continue to develop, especially in the field of new energy, introduce more new models based on the new MEB electric platform. In addition, with the implementation of the policy of reduced tariffs on imported Cars, Will further promote the development of popular imported Car business. (FIG / herein alkylene Jing CNC Co.)