Family car “enough power” in the end mean? , 120 horsepower count more or less count?

When we watch a Car assessment shows, presenters often hear a description of the vehicle power enough words, enough power but does not have a uniform standard for our family Car for power not too prominent general level of requirements to meet the appropriate price and market position of power can be, so the power enough what standards below what we find out.

However, a long time delay started

refers to a vehicle starting time Is usually from a driver using an accelerator start signal Is input after starting, the vehicle starts to move thIs start time within a segment interval time for the start, the Car’s driving experience Is very important, especially since frequent shutdown current urban conditions, too slow start, the driver Will be Tucao traffic lights behind the driver when starting, cause temporary congestion, and too delayed start time Will make the driver can not determine the timing of starting the vehicle, causing the vehicle ran, the more linear throttle adjustment in vehicle output thIs stage, Is very important.

Usually family Cars start time should be yellow and traffic lights three seconds corresponding to from the driver steps on the accelerator to move the vehicle, thIs time should be controlled within three seconds Is the best, generally familiar in the family Cars owner vehicle operating conditions, are able to reasonably predict the start time.

hundred kilometers in ten seconds

family Car for the general demand for power Is not prominent, in addition to the current external market individual vehicles such as the Civic and other models most hundred mph time in about ten seconds. General household vehicle into the seven seconds hundred mph can be counted as the original performance level of the Car, while the vehicle Is in the home within eight seconds to nine seconds of thIs interval belong to power more prominent, most domestic vehicles, one hundred kilometers acceleration time in ten seconds or so. Perhaps many consumers believe that ten seconds acceleration time Is not able to meet the pursuit for speed, the current domestic road conditions, traffic density and the characterIstics of the larger, ten seconds hundred mph Is fully sufficient for driving urban conditions. Furthermore hundred kilometers acceleration time Is generally given manufacturers, mostly measured in an ideal environment, some manufacturers to reduce thIsError Is often the largest one hundred kilometers acceleration time scale large, so many consumers actually measured hundred mph Is less than one hundred kilometers acceleration time provided by vendors.

Maximum power and weight

many models in promoting like to describe their maximum power hit alarming proportions, especially some of the young consumer market-oriented domestic models, but prefer to promote their maximum power. But consumers, in actual use Will find the maximum power and the actual driving experience Is not directly linked, but with maximum power and weight ratio related. Some performance Cars can achieve amazing wages than 1, and for our daily household vehicle power to mass ratio Is generally maintained at about 0.25, so that the maximum power parameter only has a certain reference value.

Dynamic family Cars general enough power to mass ratio Is maintained at 0.25 , it can provide adequate maximum speed and good dynamic response time.

in certain low torque

For the urban frequent starting and stoppage condition, the acceleration value having a low-speed range above the maximum speed, low speed acceleration Is associated with the low-speed torque, low-speed torque larger, more powerful vehicle having a low speed acceleration performance, traffic lights start, acceleration, overtaking can give you sufficient confidence.

but for the family Car Is enough power in the acceleration was reflected in the ease of manipulation, rather than excessive pursuit of that speed up the difference between a few tenths of maneuverability for power and utilization of family Cars Is the measure of adequate power. dynamic stability

common high-speed time

At present, we have a common high speed highway in the range of about 120km / h or so, so we family Cars enough, a measure of power do not need high speed driving, high speed capability in the general speed of 120km / h go up 30, youMeet the needs of our high-speed driving. 30km / h the amount of floating rate for high-speed passing and subsequent acceleration of the vehicle power reserve.

in the highest speed range of the vehicle acceleration remains constant, also it has a certain power reserve, but also to ensure the engine does not work in the limit state can protect the engine.

successfully completed the overtaking maneuver

in the highway and city driving, overtaking it Is inevitable, which requires vehicles traveling at normal speed within the range, there Is still a power reserve for overtaking maneuvers. A group home in a smooth road vehicle overtaking time in about 15 seconds, over the vehicle in front Will cause drivers to reflect lack of time, but time Is too long overtaking lane Will lead to ultra-running congestion, so, enough for a family Car measure of power, it should be included to complete the overtaking maneuver smoothly in about 15 seconds.

Power output curve Is important

for the family Car, the main performance parameters as compared to vehicle performance Is not outstanding, but tend to be more tuned Zhang, easy to control and power the high efficiency, the power output Is the curve family Cars to crucial role. During the main family Car speed of about 2000 to 3000 rpm, if the maximum power and minimum torque Is not adjusted, in thIs speed range, then the reference value Will not.

So to measure the power enough for family Cars, it must also include the maximum power and peak torque must work within major normal driving speed range. For more family Cars highlight its attributes comfort and instrumental power enough for many consumers can refer to the above criteria to choose a vehicle.