Experimental car manufacturer can buy it? After reading you Will know!

1, what Is called the test vehicle

A: The test vehicle Is the test of the indicators of the development of new unlIsted vehicle collIsion test road test water mountain snow days of exposure to rain high temperature low temperature hundred kilometers in short, it Is a means of testing the Car in the future real use.

at FAW-Volkswagen Audi, for example: experimental Car usually has two forms, the first production vehicle Is in shape before being used as environmental testing by the German domestic production, a small number , the factory Is called, 0 batch Car, thIs Car Is to go through the territory of our country, at least tens of thousands of kilometers of road tests, heat, cold, high altitude, a series of tests, and then sent back to the factory’s technical supervIsion departments, dIsmantling, do quality analysIs, such vehicles are not required to enter dIstribution channels, even if someone can buy, there can be no formal procedures, the second Is after the products into mass production, the first few batches second production Car in the drawn part, continue to do the road test and other types of experiments, including the impact test, etc., in order to determine the quality of products, then every three production batches, or cumulative production of 12,000 vehicles, all to conduct a quality inspection, quantity in about 15 units, of which about five would be sent back to headquarters in Germany, for analysIs by the Germans, in order to determine whether to modify the production plan, the rest of the vehicle after passing inspection, sent Inside sales department, dIscount sales do, thIs Car Will not be sent to the 4S store sales, you can buy inside the factory, more difficult.

2. What Is the static test Car

A: As the name suggests Is the next standstill experiment with the Car, such as exposure experiments on a new Car at high temperature exposure dozens of hours affect the safety of the test vehicle at high temperature. Km on the table such vehicles are usually only a few dozen to a few hundred kilometers Is the dIstance from the production line to the test site.

3, what Is the dynamic experimental Car

A: Is the Car to do the test experiments in the driving state of the vehicle such as test hundred kilometers, the Car ran out of twenty averaging 100 kilometers, which Is hundred kilometers experimental Car.

4, the test Car Why no certificate

A: As long as experimentally tested the Car no longer new, so no way like a new Car, like entering 4S store sales, there Is no factory certification, but the quality of the Car Is no problem, unlike some users believe that, as long as there Is no Car substandard quality certification, in fact, not take sides.

5, the test Car sales in what way

A: In order to ensure legal Car sales Will not affect 4S sales channels and do not pose a threat to the market of goods vehicles, Car parts can only be sold by way of agreement.

analogy, I sell you let your vegetable chopper Is used, you take that to kill Is your problem responsibility.

6, provIsional license can do it?

A: Yes, most of the clients are directly marked with a temporary license to drive it home. Once a customer Is stopped by the traffic police to open the way home, he was suspected of stealing a vehicle, we send traffic directly to the manufacturers of fax documents to prove the legal origin of the Car, and police did not say anything directly release.

7, the family Car can do?

A: We answered thIs question a thousand times, Is all most concerned about, my answer Is – a matter of personal ability.

on the family Car can be the premIse of what Is? There Is a certificate with the sales invoice. Some customers Will be able to spend money to find manufacturers directly fill out the certificate, some customers can not do it does not matter, thIs really depends on individual ability. If you ask me, I can help you make the certificate or the user do? I’m sorry I can not answer you, it can be done, then I would have to do.

8. What Car with upload information?

A: In October 2005 the establIshment of a national information database motor vehicle certificate, vehicle manufacturers require all vehicles sold in the factory at all times must be qualified to upload vehicle informationThe National Motor Vehicle repository. If the vehicle Is not then upload information to buy a Car after Car buyers can not go to the Vehicle AdminIstration on the Card. Like the MinIstry of Public Security have our account information than the library, we can do the same identity.

with the benefits of uploading information as long as the Car Is the Car certificate fill out (probably cost around 2,000 dollars) to fix an invoice can be directly on households.

without a Car Is no way to upload information to fill out the certificate, let alone on the family.

temporarily on these Issues please do not write out the other questions continue to add comments. How to look at their own operation capability.


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